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What can you do when you are stuck at your parents with hours to kill until the next meal and only an ancient PC for company? Take a break from the MMOs and play browser games, of course. There’s a lot of fun, free games out there which can keep you distracted – maybe you can even introduce Aunt Mabel to computer gaming.

In the spirit of giving, I’ve spent the day playing mediocre games so that you don’t have to! Here are my favourite seasonal browser games with a variety of gameplay. Now grab a glass of mulled wine and get playing.



Christmas dinners can be so stressful – even the virtual ones. RSVP is a simple card game in which you have to find a seating arrangement that keeps your guests from sitting next to life-long enemies. In this Flash browser game, you need to arrange your guest cards so that the colors on each person’s card match those of the people sitting on either side. If you can get everyone happy, you move on to the next table.


X-Mass is a hybrid of Tetris and Connect4. You have to line up three presents of the same type in order to drop them off the tree but – and this is the tricky bit – you have to keep the tree balanced.

Snow Line

Snow Line is a line-rider style game with a Christmas twist. You need to draw lines of snow in order to help Santa collect all the presents. Then click play and watch him follow your tracks in his sleigh! Touch it up until you get the perfect route.

GROW Ornament GROW Ornament

We told you about GROW on our Addicting Flash Games feature but I can’t resist this holiday riff. GROW Ornament is a very similar puzzle game focused around ornaments to put on a bare Christmas tree. Click on the decorations in a specific order to make the perfect holiday scene.

James the Christmas Zebra

Slightly bizarre, even for a browser-based Christmas game, James the Christmas Zebra has you swinging through the sky looking for Christmas goodies. You must keep hitting the up-arrow key to reach for the stars so you can swing through the sky to collect your cookies – but watch out for the exploding puddings!


Seasonal Bloons (Bloons Player Pack 5)

If you enjoy Bloons, you’ll love Bloons Player Pack 5, the Christmas edition of Bloons. 50 fun levels in a Christmas theme with traditional Bloons gameplay. Use your mouse to aim your dart and press and hold the mouse button for power settings. Then just click to fire.

Rudolph’s Revenge

Rudolph’s Revenge is a straight forward shoot-em-up. You have one red nose and two pistols and your goal is take out all the reindeer before they get you. Aim and shoot with your mouse, use the arrow keys to move. Quick and simple and a great way to work off holiday stress.

Present PanicPresent Panic

In Present Panic you have to catch the falling presents by moving left and right. You simply need to stand underneath them as they drop onto your tray and then keep hold – but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Strangely addicting.


Although not strictly a game, ElfYourself is so much fun I couldn’t resist including it. It can be a bit slow but once you’ve completed your elf, you can download it and dance to your hearts content. Simply load the flash application and upload photographs of faces: your own or Aunt Mabel’s or whoever you like!

And with that …

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best over this holiday season.


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