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Legends of Norrath is Sony’s Trading Card Game which can be accessed from within Everquest and Everquest 2. Many people quite enjoy playing Legends of Norrath for fun and in tournaments but I’m not a huge fan of TCGs. However, as an EQ2 player, I log into LON every month for the free loot cards.

You don’t have to buy decks for a chance to receive a loot card – active subscribers are given free, non-tradeable booster packs on a regular basis. You can open these packs and browse through the cards directly through Everquest 2.

Obviously the majority of cards are focused on the card game but the booster packs can also include loot cards. These cards aren’t used in Legends of Norrath but instead award in-game items for Everquest and Everquest 2 which can’t be received any other way.

This is a step-by-step guide to checking your free card packs and claiming your in-game loot items in Everquest 2.

If at any point the instructions are not clear, you can click on the thumbnail to see an example with yellow highlights.

Enter the Legends of Norrath application

Within Everquest 2, you can either type /lon or find the menu option through the EQII directory

Enter Game

Choose to Enter the game

You can try the tutorial another time but right now, we just want to jump in and look at the cards.

Press Close

Clear / Close the various windows

You’ll initially have a number of pop-up windows informing you of the current promotion and Booster packs that you have received. Close them until you only have one layer left.



At the main Legends of Norrath screen, select the “Collection” option in the bottom row, which allows you to open packs and view cards.

The Collection Manager is the equivalent of a binder where you keep your trading cards. You may be asked whether you want to claim in-game loot within Everquest or Everquest 2. Unless you play Everquest and are considering claiming the loot for use in that game, you can safely tick the “Don’t show loot card info” box. You will still see the loot cards, it will simply stop asking you which game you want to redeem them in.

Jump to Packs

Using the “Jump to” menu, select Packs

This will show you your your unopened booster packs. If you do not have any, this page of your binder will be empty.

Double-click Booster Pack

Double-click on a booster pack

You can see the total quantity of packs available per type. You need to double-click each one in order to open it. You may get asked again which game you wish to claim your loot cards in. If you always want to claim them in Everquest 2, just tick “Don’t show loot card info” and this time it should work and you really won’t get asked again.

Right Click

Right-Click to Open Multiple Packs

I think this takes the fun out of it but you can speed things up by opening your packs in groups of up to 5 packs at a time.

Scroll through the cards

Scan through the cards

Actually, you don’t need to do this, all loot cards will get dropped onto the appropriate page in your Collection Manager. But it’s more fun to scroll through and see what you received.


Jump for joy if you see a loot card

You can recognise the loot cards quickly as you go through the booster pack because they have a yellow title and border.

Jump to

Use the “Jump to” menu to check the Redeemable Items page

After you open all of your available booster packs, the binder will automatically take you to this page if you have items to redeem.

Double-Click the Card

Double-click on the Loot Card

You’ll get a pop-up redemption window including a full description of the item.

Redeem Me

Redeem the item

This makes the item available to your characters in Everquest II. Note the items are not tradeable but they are Heirloom and can be claimed by any character on the account via the EQ2 /claim interface, regardless of which character was logged in when you redeemed it in LON.

Close LON

Exit Legends of Norrath

Press the big X and return to Everquest II.

Claim Items

Type /claim

To claim your new loot item, you need to leave the LON interface and return to EQ2. The items are marked as Heirloom so you can use the shared bank to hand it to the correct character if you have claimed on the wrong one. The /claim brings up the Claim Items window and you can claim your loot. There is a tab specifically for Legends of Norrath items.

That’s it. If you are especially lucky, you might receive a Mysterious Key from a Travelers Booster Pack. This key will unlock a unique, level 80, heroic instance only available to the holder of a key and his group. You can see all the Travelers EQ2 loot rewards at the Legends of Norrath site as well as information about all the previous decks.


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