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If you have been wondering whether to return to a game you used to play, this is the time to do it. The following MMORPGs have special offers available for the holiday season.

Everquest 2

Inactive accounts have been flagged as active until the end of the year.

If you logged into your account at any point between May 12, 2007 and Nov 20, 2009 then you will receive the 3 free weeks as long as you have not logged in since Nov 20, 2009.

Lord of the Rings Online

Accounts will be reactivated for a few days of free play from December 17 to December 21 for US servers and 23rd December until 30th December 2009 for European servers.

Welcome Back to LOTRO! | The Lord of the Rings Online

Age of Conan

You can get free access to Island of Tortage (levels 1-20) if you sign up for an Age of Conan trial before 1st Jan 2010.

Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures


Warhammer currently is offering 10 free days of gametime if you reactivate your account.

Team Fortress 2

Apparently, Team Fortress 2 are also offering a free weekend but I can’t actually make sense of their site to confirm this. Sorry.

Team Fortress 2 – WAR!


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