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Game Update 54 is going live today, Wednesday the 9th of December. You can go through the full update notes – pages upon pages of bug fixes! – on the official forums.

Game Update: Will of a Tyrant – Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

The update includes:

  • a new World Event tying into the upcoming Sentinel’s Fate expansion,
  • a huge number of bugs eradicated from Norrath once and for all
  • live patches for Frostfell and the new City Festivals, although they will not yet appear on the live servers.

The new World Event is a devastating situation in Freeport. Be sure to head straight for the city and find out what is going on. The initial effects to the scenery of Freeport are shocking (or beautiful, if you are a *spit* Qeynosian).

For a quick start, speak to Sir Tallen Yevix in West Freeport or Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.


  • Freeport has been rocked by the sudden destruction of Dethknell Citadel. What was once an ever-present reminder of The Overlord’s power and will floating above the city has collapsed, and the tenuous peace held within the city by the watchful and ruthless Overlord has been obliterated. Something has obviously befallen Lucan D’Lere, the Overlord of Freeport! Start your investigation into these mysterious events in West Freeport by speaking with Sir Tallen Yevix.
  • The destruction and chaos in Freeport has not gone unnoticed by the Qeynosians, but they, too, have encountered some clandestine acts committed against their leaders, the royal house of Bayle. Help Qeynos recover some stolen texts relating to the history of Enoxus and the Bayle bloodline by speaking with Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.

The EQII Producer’s Letter posted on Monday by Brenlo, tells us more about the update.

Lots going on in the EQII world! We are just about to release our next update, Will of a Tyrant and couldn’t be more excited! With this update you are going to see a few hundred lingering bugs fixed in EQII. Some of these bugs date back to launch and are being knocked out before we gear up for the expansion. In fact, we have taken to calling this update our “bug bash” as we pulled out our hammers and smashed them into oblivion.

As for content in this update, it might feel a little lighter than recent updates however there is a reason for that. Actually, there are a couple of reasons. The first is that it was a shorter development cycle for us, with only about two months of time between this update and last. The second reason is that we are starting to shift many of our resources over to expansion work as it gets closer to its release. In addition, we have some as yet to be announced surprises coming. They’re some rather large features, which we hope will excite you. More on those in the months ahead.

Although the first City Festival will not be until next year (to avoid conflicts with Frostfell festivities), you can start collecting tokens now to spend at the fair. Adventure and Tradeskill writs will reward tokens.

And then, on Thursday, December 10th the Frostfell celebrations will begin!

Frostfell Features

New Features:

  • Gardy Ex-Giftgiver is offering a new quest!
  • Santa Glug will be offering new presents once a day to anyone who asks.
  • New holiday items for purchase in the Frostfell Village.
  • New craftable holiday items.
  • When you throw a fruitcake at a friend, it will now give them a fruitcake to throw back!

Crafters should head on over to EQ2 Traders Corner where they can also read the notes that hardworking Niami Denmother took while she was playing on Test:

GU54 Crafting and Event Overview

Game Update 54 has is on the Test server, and while, at first blush, it looks like mainly quest bug/typo fixes, there is a lot more to it than that. (It also doesn’t come close to mentioning everything that will be available in this GU.)

Do bear in mind that her information is from the Test server and may not be relevant to the actual update on the live servers.

Expected downtime is only an hour, starting at 6am PST (14:00 GMT) but you can watch this great preview video while you are waiting to log in and get a headstart on the Freeport drama!

See you there.


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