MMORPG Info Logo Competition: Early Access to Allods Online

Finally! The European Allods Online Closed Beta test started on November 19th, giving access to the world of Sarnaut and the first nineteen levels from both factions.

The really exciting news is that when I asked for a key to access their closed beta, they offered to give me a dozen so that I could share them with all of you. In the mad hopes that I have more than eleven readers, I’ve decided to distribute them through a simple competition.

It’s easy to enter and win a chance at a key for the Allod’s Online closed beta! Simply leave a comment with a valid email address on this post answering the following question:

What feature or aspect would you really like to see in upcoming Multiplayer Role Playing games?

Space ships? More twitch? Less PvP? Girls in bikinis?

Personally, I would love to see more plots and lore revealed by quests which is one reason why I’m looking forward to trying out Allods Online. There are apparently more than 1,500 quests with separate factions and a PvP element all set in a beautifully crafted Astral solar system unlike anything I’ve seen so far.

If you are hot for more details about the game, take a look at our Allods category where we’ve taken a close look at all the archtypes and factions.

The Rules

Meanwhile, to enter the competition, simply post your answer in the comments below.

We need a valid email address in order to contact with you with your win, but we do not publish this and we do not spam!

One entry per person, please.

No entries will be accepted after midnight GMT on Sunday the 29th of November.

Winners will be selected at random and announced Wednesday morning.

So leave a comment (with a valid email address) and tell me:

What feature or aspect would you really like to see in upcoming Multiplayer Role Playing games?



  • Tomek wrote:

    Non-target system 🙂

  • Spaniel wrote:

    Decent crafting please.

  • Dora wrote:

    Nice graphics, good quests, instance missions, maybe an interesting storyline=)

  • CarlsBerg wrote:

    Smacking Gnomes !

  • Tim (sharky) wrote:

    Men in bikinis… opps!!! Longer quest(s) or quest chains, quests that can be completed in multiple ways with different results. Create or edit your own dungeon/instance!!

  • Pewari wrote:

    More quest lines that aren’t simply: run here, kill 20, come back. Also, make crafting/fishing/whatever independently *fun* and not a grind.

  • Miralok wrote:

    Good graphics quality, instanced party quests, in-game party voice chat. Would be nice having this =)

  • Moonalluil wrote:

    Housing System, more Guild Options that make it easier to achieve something together or communicate like Calendars and such. More freedom in the way one can play. Mini games in taverns (like space invaders or 1vs1 games). And the coolest thing would be a newspaper ingame that appears weekly for everyone to read so everyone knows whats going on on the server. thx for reading ^^

  • Baron wrote:

    Less of an emphasis on factions, more towards one given players allignment and the consequences of that in the game world.a race-blending system,and a very long main quest chain that is personalized to one character based on an in-depth and customizable origin story determined in character creation

  • Zimp wrote:

    Good grafic , more party quest, longer quest chains

  • Taymar wrote:

    Congratulations to the winners! The Allods beta keys have been sent out with a link to the client.

    HOWEVER: I found that the patcher itself doesn’t appear to work – it keeps telling me that my files are corrupt and I should reinstall. You can get around this : bypass the patcher and simply run the game executable directly from the bin folder.

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