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There are some shady looking three-somes hanging around the docks. A Timeless Chronomage, a Chronomagi Tasker and a Timeless Trader.

magesThe Timeless Chronomage will chronolock you to a specific level, a means of mentoring down.
The Chronomagi Tasker offers a daily mission which often requires mentoring to complete.
The Timeless Trader offers faction armor for sale, as well as access to purchasing the daily reward once you’ve completed that day’s mission.

You can find similar-looking trios all over Norrath:

  • East Freeport, on the dock behind the Seafarer’s Roost at -256,-55,-14
  • Qeynos Harbor, across from the docks at 892,-25,18
  • Greater Faydark, opposite the carpet to Sinking Sands in Kelethin at 445,92,184
  • Timorous Deep, in the Wards of Gorowyn near the upper-class housing at 2821,133,1155

Timeless Chronomage Only:

  • Neriak, at Dockside Markets inside the Blind Fish Hall (guild services) at -91,8,316

Timeless Chronomage

The Timeless Chronomage is the money-maker of the set. He offers to temporarily change your level through an automentoring system he calls Chronomagic.

Simply choose the level you wish to be (in steps of 5). He will charge you 5g and 100 status to chronolock you to a lower level. Your adventure experience is reduced in line with the levels that you have dropped. For example, at level 80, if you reduce your level to level 5, your adventure experience is reduced by 94%. Reducing your level to 75, your adventure experience is only reduced by 6%.

To return to your natural level, simply type /unmentor or right-click on the small window showing your mentored level and choose the option to stop mentoring.

The Chronomage will not work with you if you are already mentored. He also will not raise your level, his magic only works to reduce your level.

Chronomagi Tasker

The Chronomagi Tasker offers daily missions around Norrath. You must have at least level 70. His missions are level 75 and below and change every 24-hours.

Once you have the mission, you can mentor down in order to complete it. Although the quests require level 70 to receive them, they will show in your journal as the appropriate level for completion based on the level of the named mob which you need to defeat.

The quests are in your journal under Mission and they begin with the phrase “Path of the Past -“. The mission will take you to a Norrathian dungeon out of a selection of 37. These dungeons ranging from level 15 to level 75. If a Chronomagic Task is green to you, you do not need to mentor further in order to get credit for it.

The mission itself is completed when you kill a specific named mob in the heroic dungeon. You do not have to complete any scripts or quests in the dungeon unless those tasks are required in order to spawn the named mob. The lower the level of the dungeon, the more likely it is that it can be solo’d.

You will not get credit if the mission mob is gray.

everlingYour reward is 1,000 faction with The Chronomancers and, for a limited time, the ability to buy a mission specific replica for 1p8g.

You can only have one mission at a time. Once you take the mission, you can keep it in your journal for two days and complete it during this time.

After two days the mission will disappear out of your quest journal.

However, if you complete the mission before it expires and after the Chronomagi Tasker has moved on to a new mission, you will not be able to purchase the replica from the Timeless Trader (see below).

If you have a previous mission in your journal, you will have to either complete it or delete it to receive the current mission from the Chronomagi Tasker.

Timeless Trader

LichThe Timeless Trader offers a replica tying in with the day’s mission each day. He also has a standard offering of faction armor in various colour sets which you can purchase once you have received 10,000 faction with the Chronomancers. You can only purchase the replica if you have completed the task and the Chronomagi Tasker has not yet changed to the new mission. Once the new mission is available, the Timeless Trader will not offer the replica for the previous day’s mission.

If you do not go to the Chronomagi Tasker and the Timeless Trader on the same day as your received the mission, you will not be able to gain the replica for the mission although you will still receive your gold and faction.

The armor sets all require 10,000 faction with the Chronomancers and a significant amount of gold per piece.

You can check your faction level with The Chronomancers under Shattered Lands in your faction tab.

The armor sets currently available are as follows: Frosted Ceremonial Plate, Regal Ceremonial Plate, Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate, and Verdant Ceremonial Plate.



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