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Elite Void Shard Armor, commonly referred to as T3 armor sets, is the upgrade from Advanced Shard Armor which is purchased or crafted simply by collecting Void Shards.

All three tiers of armor, including full stats and shard cost, are listed on our Shard Armor Reference Page.

Getting the Drops

Elite Void Shard Armor is somewhat more complicated to obtain than the previous tiers as you will need drops from a 2-group raid zone.

T3 Armor (with the exception of the forearm piece) requires three items to create:

  • a mold for that armor piece
  • the armor piece from the corresponding Greater Shard (T2) armor set
  • Void Shards

The molds and bracers are only available through the two-group raid zones Ward of Elements and Kurn’s Tower. Ward of Elements is located at the bottom of the elevator in the Lavastorm tunnels. Kurn’s Tower is in the middle of the Field of Bone in the Fens of Nathsar.

The Shard Armor Reference Page offers the full detail of the finished armor pieces.

There are seven pieces per set (nine in the mage sets but only seven can be worn at any time).

Creating the Armor

Elite Void Shard Armor can not be crafted. Take your mold and Void Shards to Assilus Poisonbolt, the Elemental Pattern Quartermaster. He is at -179, -120, 615 on the Lavastorm Docks. Assilus Poisonbolt will exchange your mold and the Void Shards for a pattern from the same set.

Elite Quartermasters

Now you can take your pattern and the appropriate armor piece from the matching Greater Shard armor set and hand them to Borden Chargehammer, the Elite Void Shard Armor Quartermaster. He is standing at -182, -120, 614, next to the Pattern Quartermaster.

You must not be wearing the Greater Shard Armor that you wish to trade, it needs to be in your main inventory (but need not be repaired). The quartermaster will take the pattern and the armor piece in trade for the Elite Void Shard Armor piece.

The forearm item in the sets is not created from a mold, it is a straight-forward no-drop fabled item. The forearm piece can drop from Captain Grush in the Ward of Elements and Haggle Baron and/or the Twins in the 2-group raid instance of Kurn’s Tower.

Mages have the option to upgrade their head piece to a circlet, which requires the T3 head piece for the set, a purchased unadorned circlet, and gems which also drop from the named mobs in the Ward of Elements. We’ll be discussing the full details of the circlet in an upcoming post.
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Mold Types and Armor Sets

Elemental Conqueror

  • Beserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar: Fused Obsidian armor
  • Defiler, Dirge, Mystic, Troubador: Molten Eidolon’s armor
  • Bruiser, Fury, Monk, Warden: Elemental Infused armor

Elemental Champion

  • Paladin, Shadowknights: Volcanic Knight’s Tempered armor
  • Brigand, Swashbuckler: Firewalker’s Magmatic armor
  • Inquisitor, Templar: Lavaworn armor of Chaotic Energy

Elemental Gladiator

  • Bruiser, Monk: Centered armor of the Lava Lotus
  • Dirge, Troubador: Threaded armor of Volcanic Percussion
  • Fury, Warden: Magma-Etched armor

Elemental Master

  • Wizards, Warlocks: Ethermage’s Flamespun armor
  • Conjurors, Necromancers: Nethersummoned armor of Fiery Destruction
  • Defilers, Mystics: Umbral Ash armor

Elemental Vanquisher

  • Illusionists, Coercers: Fireborn armor of Mindmelting
  • Assassin, Rangers: Lavalink armor of Eruption
  • Guardians, Beserkers: Lavawrought Champion’s armor

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