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Awnya N’Kval at the Lavastorm Docks is happy to help you upgrade your jewelry, at a cost. Awnya is a dark elf with bright orange flames around her located at -181,-120,651. She offers to fuse jewelry (and shields) into upgraded items, using her flames.

Awnya N'Kval at the Lavastorm DocksShe wants 1p 50g and two compatible items of the same type in order to achieve this.

You will need to give her two very specific items to fuse into the upgrade. The first is obtained as chest loot from named mobs in the Ward of Elements (and also possibly from named mobs in the Kurn’s Tower 2-group instance). The second item is a T2 piece which has been purchased or crafted with void shards.

If you are looking to get the T2 items crafted, you may find the Void Shard Infused Jewelry reference useful

As the dropped pieces are used in the combine, it is not always obvious which loot you should roll for when you are rushing through the dungeon. Never fear: here’s a quick reference table to show which components are needed to trade for the piece you want.

Fused (Upgraded) Item Dropped Component T2 Shard Component
Blackflame Ring White-hot Ring Ensnaring Band
Blazing Effigy of Najena’s Lava Elemental Flaming Effigy of a Lava Elemental Voidcaller’s Idol
Blazing Swiftash Shadow Sash Swiftash Shadow Sash Inner Power Sash
Champion’s Cape of Unyielding Will Champion’s Cape of Solid Stance Stone Tower Drape
Circlet of Najena’s Assassin Veiled Striker’s Circlet Tactician’s Band
Cloak of Eternal Night Cloak of Billowing Darkness Onslaught Mantle
Cursed Stud of the Abyss Void-Sheltered Stud Rumbling Earring
Elemental Battlepriest’s Drape Wardpriests’s Drape Druidic Drape
Elemental Chains of Control Elemental Collar of Binding Ensnaring Broach
Empowered Elemental Ring Aggressive Elemental Ring Rumbling Ring
Enslaved Wall of Dominated Souls Wall of Screaming Souls Tower of Bone
Flaming Spiked Choker Blackened Spiked Choker Tactician’s Chain
Igneous Rock Choker Lava Rock Choker Rumbling Choker
Imbued Earring of Flowing Magma Earring of Pulsing Magma Ensnaring Earring
Lillioze’s Tranquil Earring Soothing Earring Druidic Loop
Luminous Loop of Three Elements Tri-Element Loop Rejuvenating Band
Magmaweave Metallic Belt Lavaspun Steel Belt Rejuvenating Sash
Marauding Plug of the Flame Warrior Predatory Plug Tactician’s Hoop
Mystical Drape of Najena Drape of the Enraged Elemental Voidblaster’s Cape
Shimmering Swiftlace Shadow Waist Swiftlace Shadow Waist Hearthwarmed Belt
Smoldering Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Gemmed Necklace Unholy Choker
Streaming Volcanic Girdle Volcanic Girdle of Flowing Reclaimed Waistband
Tainted Orb of Magma Corrupted Orb of Stilled Lava Energized Orb of Destruction
Wall of Raging Winds Wispy Wall of Air Wall of Healing

If you have both the dropped component and the T2 shard component, simply visit Awnya N’Kval with the items in your inventory (not worn) and 1p 50g and you can “purchase” the final item.

Note: When informed of this article, she asked me to remind everyone that all her transactions are final and refunds are not available.

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