MMORPG Info Logo Pandaren Monk Pet in Action

This Pandaren Monk pet was spotted in patch 3.2.2 – seriously the coolest pet ever!

Take a look:

Pandarens appeared in Warcraft 3 as a hero class for a sort of side/secret level. They are the work of Samwise Didier, one of the main artistic directors at Blizzard. It was loved so much that it earned a place in Warcraft lore, although the class caused some problems in China. The original Pandaren Brewmaster was designed as a panda samurai who did drunken boxing. This was a whole big lump of insult to China where the panda holds a mythical status: having one dressed in Japanese style who gets drunk and fights wasn’t necessarily seen as a good thing. I presume that’s why this Pandaren is a monk.

Some of the community guesses as to what he might be:

  • 5th Anniversary Pet ala Baby Blizzard Bear last year
  • 100 Pet achievement reward
  • Special Real World Event
  • Brewfest Reward
  • Chinese Relaunch Pet

I remember them from playing WC3 back in the old days so they have a special place in my heart. I hope it is obtainable by all players!



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