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I was thinking about a post of favorite gaming videos when I remembered one that I’d seen ages ago, a love story by a player and his family. It was the best player video I’d ever seen. It had no dialog, just beautiful interactions and a haunting melody. I mentioned to Sixes who immediately knew which video I meant but had no idea where we had seen it.

I couldn’t remember who had done it or what it was called and so it took some tracking down. I asked everyone I knew and although a few people remembered it, and knew they’d seen it on the Sony Forums, no one seemed to know exactly where. I went through every post in Traveler’s Tales to no avail until Silk (Hi Silk!) told me that it was called In This World and that he still had a copy saved to his hard drive.

I watched the video and it was just as entrancing as it was three years ago. Now that I had the details, I was able to contact Wolfbeurn, the creator, who is still playing EQ2 and recently was promoted to leader of his guild, Celestial Mischief.

Wolfbeurn laughed when I told him that I’d been trying to track his video down and he told me he’s working on a new video with his daughter, which I’m very much hoping they will share with us soon. He also gave me permission to share his video, In This World And The Next, with all of you.

[flv: 510 340]

It took him over 2 months to create this 6-minute video. He worked on it with co-star Bellanaa, his wife. Their two children helped with scene ideas, editing and camera work. The talent of this family really shines through.

You can download the high res version from the Celestial Mischief site to see it at full quality (81mb file). And if you are on Butcherblock, be sure to let Wolfbeurn know that we’re all waiting for his next one!


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