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MMORPG Info Logo Star Wars: The Old Republic – Sign Up to Test

The rush is on: Bioware are now accepting sign-ups for beta-testing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG being developed by BioWare with LucasArts. The setting is over 3,000 years before the rise of Darth Vader and a few centuries after Knights of the Old Republic.

News post: Star Wars: The Old Republic | Sign up to test STAR WARS: The Old Republic!

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply and you need to register with the community.

Creating an account is a quick process. Then you will need to sign in and offer further details (CPU, System RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, and Operating System) in order to sign up as a tester. Once you have done this, you can visit the Game Testing Portal to see the status of your application.

Bioware are planning multiple testing sessions with new testers each session, although they’ve stated that testers that are exceptionally helpful may be considered for additional sessions, so if you do get selected, make sure to actually give feedback.

Note: some users have had issues with the registration pages.

In the comments, Deewe gives the following advice:

As a try to help people having issues with the registration process:

=> It works on IE8 <=

1) be sure you have the latest version of Java (Can be downloaded here, restart your PC after installation

2) Open IE, activate the compability mode (small icon top right, between the address bar and the green refresh button)

3) Go to, click on "My account", scroll down click "Yes, I would like to be considered for testing." Save.

4) On the registration page, read and if you agree, accept the terms.

5) Fill in your personal infos

6) If your are sent back to the agreement page redo the process but don't fill in your phone number (can be edited later on)

7) You are sent to a scan page, accept the scan and accept the installation of the small plugin at the top of the screen.

Note: you might get stuck here. If the system can't install the plugin, close IE, get back to your account (in compatibility mode) and scroll down to the Scan button. It was tricky for me needed a few try.

If the plugin was installed but you can't submit, hit TAB to force scroll the scan window to the submit key.

If you are caught in the loop, just keep doing it eventually its your turn to get through.

8) Eventually your are done, go back to your account and check at the bottom, it should look like.

(checked) Yes, I would like to be considered for testing.
System Specifications: [Complete]
Contact Info: [Complete]

You can update your phone number now if you had issues earlier on. (I used numbers without spaces like XXXXXXXXXX)

May the force be with you.

Having said that, even that long list of tips can’t help if the server falls over.

Nerfbat » Dear BioWare, RE: Beta Sign-Ups


MMORPG Info Logo Red Shinies in Maj’Dul

Game Update 53 has included a new red shiny collection for Master Tradeskillers. The red shinies are special collections, ?’s which glow red instead of gold. You must be wearing your Earring of the Solstice in order to see them.

We also have a full guide with all of the locations at Red Shiny Collections for Tradeskillers.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options → Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.


The Tradeskill: Peacock Club Relics collection can be found scattered around the jewel of the desert, Maj’Dul. There are six pieces in the collection. The pieces are tradeable but lore. If you attempt to gather a ? and you already have the item on you, you can leave it to fade away which takes a few minutes. However, it is quicker to destroy the item in your inventory and gather the ? so that a new one will spawn as soon as possible.

There are no other ?’s in the zone so the Gnomish Divining Rod (tinker-made item which shows all harvests in the zone) is very useful for tracking them down. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Quick Start Guide: Shards of Destiny

Game Update 53: Shards of Destiny has been patched to the live servers and the servers are up!

Don’t miss the full patch notes on the forums: Game Update: Shards of Destiny – Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The new Achievement System will finally be live, giving you the chance to track what you have achieved over the course of your Norrathian career. Many of the achievements offer rewards such as appearance items or new titles. You can see your achievement progress in a new tab in your quest journal (if you use a custom UI, you may need to update for this to appear).

Chronomagic comes to Norrath, the new auto-mentoring system. You will find Chronomages in the city zones (Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak and Gorowyn) who will temporarily reduce your adventure level.

Norrathian housing has seen some changes. All one, two and three room houses have been expanded to be more spacious. Five-room houses in Qeynos, Freeport and Maj’Dul have also been expanded. Kelethin and Maj’Dul housing have had windows and archways added. Most houses have been been given an extra item allowance of 100 items. Our Housing Locations Reference will be updated to include the correct room numbers within the next week or so. You can see images of the new decorations on the Shards of Destiny Preview: Housing Renovations.

Miragul’s Planar Shard is a new 4-group raiding zone using a new system of scaled difficulty.

Shard of Love is a new scaling group zone which offers appearance items as rewards – the reaction from test is that these are some of the best appearance items in the game! The zone is focused on sharing the lore of the Marr twins and is the first time the Plane of Love has been seen in any of the Everquest games. You can read an interview with Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall on Shards of Destiny Preview : Shard of Love.

Great starting information here: The EQ2 Wire » Shard of Love


Live Event

If you want to take part in the live event, you better act fast.

From the patch notes:

The Quellithulians are hard at work reactivating the Ulteran Teleportation Spires across Norrath! They may be found in Antonica, Commonlands, the Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, the Enchanted Lands, Zek, the Orcish Wastes, the Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm and Loping Plains. A wide variety of rewards is available for players who assist their project.

The ruined Ulteran Spires in Zek, Everfrost, Lavastorm and the Loping Plains are in need of volunteers to help to rebuild them.

The existing spires in the Commonlands, Antonica, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest need volunteers to help re-power and align them.

The event includes a number of different types of quests: delivery, collection, combat and tradeskill. You will be rewarded with tokens so that you can choose your rewards from a faction merchant. There are also rumors of an epic x2 boss mob that will need to be killed in order to allow progress on the spires to continue.


MMORPG Info Logo Tier 3 Jewelry

Awnya N’Kval at the Lavastorm Docks is happy to help you upgrade your jewelry, at a cost. Awnya is a dark elf with bright orange flames around her located at -181,-120,651. She offers to fuse jewelry (and shields) into upgraded items, using her flames.

Awnya N'Kval at the Lavastorm DocksShe wants 1p 50g and two compatible items of the same type in order to achieve this.

You will need to give her two very specific items to fuse into the upgrade. The first is obtained as chest loot from named mobs in the Ward of Elements (and also possibly from named mobs in the Kurn’s Tower 2-group instance). The second item is a T2 piece which has been purchased or crafted with void shards.

If you are looking to get the T2 items crafted, you may find the Void Shard Infused Jewelry reference useful

As the dropped pieces are used in the combine, it is not always obvious which loot you should roll for when you are rushing through the dungeon. Never fear: here’s a quick reference table to show which components are needed to trade for the piece you want.



MMORPG Info Logo Pandaren Monk Pet in Action

This Pandaren Monk pet was spotted in patch 3.2.2 – seriously the coolest pet ever!

Take a look:

Pandarens appeared in Warcraft 3 as a hero class for a sort of side/secret level. They are the work of Samwise Didier, one of the main artistic directors at Blizzard. It was loved so much that it earned a place in Warcraft lore, although the class caused some problems in China. The original Pandaren Brewmaster was designed as a panda samurai who did drunken boxing. This was a whole big lump of insult to China where the panda holds a mythical status: having one dressed in Japanese style who gets drunk and fights wasn’t necessarily seen as a good thing. I presume that’s why this Pandaren is a monk.

Some of the community guesses as to what he might be:

  • 5th Anniversary Pet ala Baby Blizzard Bear last year
  • 100 Pet achievement reward
  • Special Real World Event
  • Brewfest Reward
  • Chinese Relaunch Pet

I remember them from playing WC3 back in the old days so they have a special place in my heart. I hope it is obtainable by all players!


MMORPG Info Logo In This World…

I was thinking about a post of favorite gaming videos when I remembered one that I’d seen ages ago, a love story by a player and his family. It was the best player video I’d ever seen. It had no dialog, just beautiful interactions and a haunting melody. I mentioned to Sixes who immediately knew which video I meant but had no idea where we had seen it.

I couldn’t remember who had done it or what it was called and so it took some tracking down. I asked everyone I knew and although a few people remembered it, and knew they’d seen it on the Sony Forums, no one seemed to know exactly where. I went through every post in Traveler’s Tales to no avail until Silk (Hi Silk!) told me that it was called In This World and that he still had a copy saved to his hard drive.

I watched the video and it was just as entrancing as it was three years ago. Now that I had the details, I was able to contact Wolfbeurn, the creator, who is still playing EQ2 and recently was promoted to leader of his guild, Celestial Mischief.

Wolfbeurn laughed when I told him that I’d been trying to track his video down and he told me he’s working on a new video with his daughter, which I’m very much hoping they will share with us soon. He also gave me permission to share his video, In This World And The Next, with all of you. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Introduction to Elite Void Shard Armor

Elite Void Shard Armor, commonly referred to as T3 armor sets, is the upgrade from Advanced Shard Armor which can be purchased or crafted simply by collecting Void Shards. Elite Void Shard Armor is somewhat more complicated to obtain. For the majority of pieces, you need to collect the appropriate mold.

There are five types of armor molds. All of these drop in the Ward of Elements zone, each of which can be used to make three different sets of armor. The chest and leg molds can drop from the first three bosses in Kurn’s tower. There are 15 armor sets in all. has a map of the zone: Najena: Ward of Elements

The molds and bracers are only available through the two-group raid zones Ward of Elements and Kurn’s Tower. Ward of Elements is located at the bottom of the elevator in the Lavastorm tunnels. Kurn’s Tower is in the middle of the Field of Bone in the Fens of Nathsar.

There are seven pieces per set (nine in the mage sets but only seven can be worn at any time).

The primary armor pieces (head, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, feet) have molds which drop from the named mobs in Ward of Elements. You can also get mold drops from the initial three bosses in Kurns. These require three items to create:

  • a mold for that armor piece
  • the armor piece from the corresponding Greater Shard (T2) armor set
  • Void Shards

Elite Void Shard Armor can not be crafted. Take your mold and Void Shards to Assilus Poisonbolt, the Elemental Pattern Quartermaster. He is at -179, -120, 615 on the Lavastorm Docks. Assilus Poisonbolt will exchange your mold and the Void Shards for a pattern from the same set.

Elite Quartermasters

Now you can take your pattern and the appropriate armor piece from the matching Greater Shard armor set and hand them to Borden Chargehammer, the Elite Void Shard Armor Quartermaster. He is standing at -182, -120, 614, next to the Pattern Quartermaster.

You must not be wearing the Greater Shard Armor that you wish to trade, it needs to be in your main inventory (but need not be repaired). He will take the pattern and the armor piece in trade for the Elite Void Shard Armor piece.

The forearm item in the sets is not created from a mold, it is a straight-forward no-drop fabled item. The forearm piece can drop from Captain Grush in the Ward of Elements and Haggle Baron in the 2-group raid instance of Kurn’s Tower.

Mages have the option to upgrade their head piece to a circlet, which requires the T3 head piece for the set, a purchased unadorned circlet, and gems which also drop from the named mobs in the Ward of Elements.

Elemental Conqueror

This Mold looks as though it can be used to create powerful armor suitable for many hybrid classes.

  • Beserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar: Fused Obsidian armor
  • Defiler, Dirge, Mystic, Troubador: Molten Eidolon’s armor
  • Bruiser, Fury, Monk, Warden: Elemental Infused armor

Elemental Champion

This Mold looks as though it can be used to create powerful armor suitable for Paladins, Shadowknights, Templars, Inquisitors, Swashbucklers, and Brigands.

  • Paladin, Shadowknights: Volcanic Knight’s Tempered armor
  • Brigand, Swashbuckler: Firewalker’s Magmatic armor
  • Inquisitor, Templar: Lavaworn armor of Chaotic Energy

Elemental Gladiator

This Mold looks as though it can be used to create powerful armor suitable for Monks, Bruisers, Furies, Wardens, Dirges, and Troubadors.

  • Bruiser, Monk: Centered armor of the Lava Lotus
  • Dirge, Troubador: Threaded armor of Volcanic Percussion
  • Fury, Warden: Magma-Etched armor

Elemental Master

This Mold looks as though it can be used to create powerful armor suitable for Wizards, Warlocks, Conjurors, Necromancers, Defilers, and Mystics.

  • Wizards, Warlocks: Ethermage’s Flamespun armor
  • Conjurors, Necromancers: Nethersummoned armor of Fiery Destruction
  • Defilers, Mystics: Umbral Ash armor

Elemental Vanquisher

This Mold looks as though it can be used to create powerful armor suitable for Illusionists, Coercers, Assassins, Rangers, Guardians, and Berserkers.

  • Illusionists, Coercers: Fireborn armor of Mindmelting
  • Assassin, Rangers: Lavalink armor of Eruption
  • Guardians, Beserkers: Lavawrought Champion’s armor

You can see the full details of the Void Shard armour here:
Shard Armor

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