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The Horde are obviously awesome and the Alliance are scum. That’s something we can all agree on.

However, the members of the Horde are about to change with a new addition. Some of the non-undead members of the Horde might need things explaining so they don’t attack our new allies.

Pay close attention now.



Gnomes are little things and members of the Alliance and they are scum and need to die. The only time you should hug a gnome is when you’re trying to squeeze it to death.



Goblins are awesome and they are our new friends. They say things like “Yo” which means “Hello there”. They are, however, small like gnomes but they are not gnomes. Gnomes are evil, goblins are good. Do not get the two mixed up.

To get around the difference, think of goblins as small orcs, both are green!


A small complication

Green Gnome

This is a green gnome, also known as a leper gnome or “sick gnome”. These are not your friend but they are green and small.

In Conclusion

  • Gnome – Small and annoying, must be killed
  • Leper Gnome – Small and green but not your friend
  • Goblin – Small and green, they’re your friend, they are *not* sick gnomes

Any questions?


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