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I know, it’s been a little bit quiet around here.

The August sunshine has been calling me and I’ve been spending my evenings outside, not a computer in sight, sipping cold drinks and watching the seagulls. This means I’ve not finished collating the T3 shard armor information that I have been meaning to post.

And then to top it all off, someone who shall remain nameless sent me a link to this rather addicting little browser-based game which has been filling my time:

GemCraft | Armor Games


GemCraft is a tower-defense style strategy game and I’m finding it completely addicting.

You build towers along a path, as with the traditional versions of tower defense, but you can’t simply purchase the firepower that you want.

The towers use gems to fire on the monsters. You create gems with your mana and you can determine the level of gem (if you can afford it) but not the color.

Each gem color has a special attack and you will have to keep creating them to get the set. You can combine the colored gems to create higher level gems of a single color or combine colors to gain multiple attacks.

There are a few towers set up at the start of each scenario and you can place more along the path. Place your gems into the towers and take out all the monsters. If the monster makes it to the end of the path, it is banished and uses up a set amount of your mana, as well as circling around the path again. If you run out of mana, you fail the scenario.

If you can successfully take out all of the waves of monsters and win the scenario then you can to move onto the next one.

The score is counted in experience points so the more you score per scenario, the faster you will level up. As you level, you gain access to new skills. The initial skill you can put points into allows you to increase your mana pool, which means you can make more gems, which means more firepower and death to all monsters!

I am having much too much fun trying various configurations to maximise my scores. As you complete the scenarios, the map marker outline fills with blue: the glowing frame. Each scenario has a high score which, if you reach it, puts a glowing frame all the way around the map marker. That means more experience and more skills!

You can increase your points within the scenarios by clicking on the waves to make them appear early. You will need to launch each wave as quickly as possible to get glowing frames.

Glowing frames can also unlock hidden bonus levels that you would not otherwise see.

You can also collect achievements, called amulets, which award points for specific game moves, such as killing 30 monsters in a row or throwing at least 15 gem bombs in a single battle.

The strength of gameplay in GemCraft is that although you can progress by “just surviving,” there are so many benefits to getting a higher score, it is worth revisiting scenarios you’ve already achieved to get the glowing border or collect amulets for more points and more skills.

the Distorted (Epic Boss)

The skills can be reset at any time, so for any given scenario, you can choose the skillset that will serve you best. As an example, the armor skill can be a life-saver for the first Epic boss who has 10,000 hitpoints. Armor reduced the mana cost of banishing and so allows you to survive multiple laps of the boss mob.

Armor Games offer a full Gemcraft Strategy Guide (Walk Through) with basic tips and detailed defenses which really helped me to expand my tactics.

And once you beat the game, you can play the follow-up prequel at Armor: GemCraft chapter 0

You weren’t planning on getting anything done the rest of the day anyway, were you?

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