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Now that the Tinkerfest has shown Norrath just how much fun tinkering can be, many people have decided to take up the craft and explore the pleasures of gnomish gadgetry. Tinkers come in all races and classes and you can learn to tinker alongside your primary profession.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, use our Freedom to Tinker guide to learn the basics. If you are feeling more confident and just want to make progress, this reference guide should help. For every tier this guide lists:

  • the harvests used
  • the zones in which those harvests can be found
  • the purchased books
  • a favorite item

These favorite items are specifically for skilling up – in every instance you’ll want to make multiples of these while they offer good experience so that you can use them when exploring the wilds of Norrath or sell them to help other intrepid adventurers.

Note: The recipes in the books do not always use the materials for the tier in which they are scribed. I’ve tried to list the most obvious discrepancies.

Tinkers come in all shapes and sizes!


Tier 1

Skill level: 0-49
Harvests: tin cluster, leaded loam, lead cluster and rough malachite
Zones: Adventure areas around Qeynos and Freeport, Greater Faydark (west side), Timorous Deep (Chykari islands and around Gorowyn), Darklight Woods (south side)
Recipe Books:

  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.001
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.002
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.003
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.004

Favorite Item: Miscalibrated Gnomish Crosstrainers (found in Apprentice Blueprints 0.0001)
These consumable speed boots are insta-cast and can be useful for low level characters who need just a small burst to get ahead. More importantly, they use one fewer leaded loam than the other recipes and, on most servers, the tier one loam is one of the most expensive of all.

Tier 2

Skill level: 50-99
Harvests: iron cluster, salty loam, electrum cluster and rough turquoise
Zones: Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark (easternmost areas), Mok Rent island of Timorous Deep
Recipe Books:

  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.005
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.006
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.007
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.008

Favorite Item:
Spring Loaded Gnomish Stilts (found in Apprentice Blueprints 0.0006)
You won’t get rich selling these but it is one of the few low level tinkered pieces that does sell. Also, jumping around with these stilts on is just plain fun.

Tier 3

Skill level: 100-149
Harvests: carbonite cluster, pliant loam, gold cluster, rough agate
Zones: Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Butcherblock Mountains
Recipe Books:

  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.009 (Tier 2 skill level but uses Tier 3 ingredients)
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.010
  • Apprentice Blueprints 0.011
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.001
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.002
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.003

Favorite Item: Gnomish Parachute Pack (found in Book Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.002)
Float down safely from high cliffs with this 30 second parachute and see the world from a completely new perspective. This is another item which you can sell on the broker to try to defray your crafting costs.

Tier 4

Skill level: 150-199
Harvests: feyiron cluster, supple loam, velium cluster, rough opaline
Zones: Zek, Enchanted Lands, Steamfont Mountains (Northwest)
Recipe Books:

  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.003 (one recipe)
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.004
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.005
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.006
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.007
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.008

Favorite Item: Miscalibrated Shears, Pickaxe and Watersafe Net (found in Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.004 and 0.005)
These harvesting tools can be used by any artisan level 30 and above. They reduce harvest time by one second and add a bonus to harvesting skill. They are slow but steady sellers, especially the pickaxe.

For personal use, the Automated External Defibulator (found in Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.008) is a must-have. These 5-charge items allow you to resurrect your group mates – well, with a 75% chance. But for most classes, that’s a better chance than they’d have any other way. Stock a bank box with these while the experience is good as they will continue to be useful for your adventuring career.

Tier 5

Skill level: 200-249
Harvests: fulginate cluster, bonded loam, diamondine cluster, rough bloodstone
Zones: Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, Rivervale, Steamfont Mountains (Southeast)
Recipe Books:

  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.009
  • Dabbler’s Blueprints 0.010
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.001
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.002
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.003

Favorite Item: Gnomish Divining Rod (found in Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.001)
It doesn’t seem like a rod to help you find a single harvest node would be that useful but it’s all about the shiny. Collection spawns show on these rods which makes finding a hidden ? in the area easy as pie. Most tinkers I know refuse to sell these simply because they want more for themselves but if you do want to put them on the broker, you should make a tidy profit. Just remember to save some for yourself.

Also, you may wish to make yourself a couple of sets of portable workstations at this tier so that you can craft anywhere in Norrath.

Tier 6

Skill level: 250-299
Harvests: indium cluster, soluble loam, beryllium cluster, rough nacre
Zones: Sinking Sands, Pillar of Flames, Lesser Faydark
Recipe Books:

  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.004
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.005
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.006
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.007
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.008

Favorite Item: Gigglegibber’s Secret of Death (found in Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.005)
These feign death contraptions can be mighty useful for getting a tinker out of a tight spot. Make as many of these as you can find space to store while they are still giving good experience as they are useful throughout your adventuring career.

You may also wish to consider stocking up on the “Reliable” Gnomish Pacemaker found in Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.007 to have a chance of automatically rezzing yourself. This is slow-casting 2-hour buff gives you a 25% chance to survive a death. If you have the effect up and luck is on your side, you’ll bounce back onto your feet with 40% health and power just in time to save the day.

Tier 7

Skill level: 300-349
Harvests: adamantine cluster, porous loam, azurite cluster, rough topaz
Zones: Loping Plains, Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, Bonemire
Recipe Books:

  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.009
  • Experimenter’s Blueprints 0.010
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.001
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.002
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.003

Favorite Item:
For your booming broker business, take a look supplying the Overclocked Tools which span the Experimenter’s Blueprints from the previour tier to this one. These charm items are great for crafters as they offer a 3% chance to tradeskilling success. Then finish off the set with the Overclocked Harvesting Tools found in Master’s Blueprints, the best harvesting help in the game, reducing harvest time by 2.5 seconds for all artisans level 66 and over. You’ll find all of the Overclocked range make for slow but steady selling.

Tier 8

Skill level: 350-400
Harvests: ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam, deklium cluster, rough kunzite
Zones: Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykesha
Recipe Books:

  • Master’s Blueprints 0.004 (355 skill)
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.005
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.006
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.007
  • Master’s Blueprints 0.008

Favorite Item:
If you are a giving and caring tinker, you might want to make a few Exothermic Lifestone (found in Master’s Blueprints 0.005) which will increases health of group members by 40% …um, but kills the caster. That’ll be you. Much more fun is the Clockwork Cow Catapult (found in Master’s Blueprints 0.008) which allows you to launch cows at your enemies and paralyze them with laughter.


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