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The Horde are obviously awesome and the Alliance are scum. That’s something we can all agree on.

However, the members of the Horde are about to change with a new addition. Some of the non-undead members of the Horde might need things explaining so they don’t attack our new allies.

Pay close attention now.



Gnomes are little things and members of the Alliance and they are scum and need to die. The only time you should hug a gnome is when you’re trying to squeeze it to death.



Goblins are awesome and they are our new friends. They say things like “Yo” which means “Hello there”. They are, however, small like gnomes but they are not gnomes. Gnomes are evil, goblins are good. Do not get the two mixed up.

To get around the difference, think of goblins as small orcs, both are green!


A small complication

Green Gnome

This is a green gnome, also known as a leper gnome or “sick gnome”. These are not your friend but they are green and small.

In Conclusion

  • Gnome – Small and annoying, must be killed
  • Leper Gnome – Small and green but not your friend
  • Goblin – Small and green, they’re your friend, they are *not* sick gnomes

Any questions?


MMORPG Info Logo Gemcraft

I know, it’s been a little bit quiet around here.

The August sunshine has been calling me and I’ve been spending my evenings outside, not a computer in sight, sipping cold drinks and watching the seagulls. This means I’ve not finished collating the T3 shard armor information that I have been meaning to post.

And then to top it all off, someone who shall remain nameless sent me a link to this rather addicting little browser-based game which has been filling my time:

GemCraft | Armor Games



MMORPG Info Logo Mushroom Rings

The enchantment has returned and the magical mushroom rings can be found all over Norrath.

The mushrooms appeared at 12:01am PDT on the 20th August which is 09:01 GMT.

They will remain in the world until until 11:59pm PDT on the 21st which is 08:59 GMT on the 22nd.

Zone Location Waypoint Quest Collection
Enchanted Dryad Grotto Antonica -698,-4,622 Pollution Problem Dryad Leaves
Enchanted Naiad Grotto Enchanted Lands -278,5,15 Naiad Aid Naiad Scales
Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto Nektulos -367,0,-681 Earthly Tasks Mushroom Spores
Enchanted Fay Grotto Greater Faydark -128,-44,-770 Seasonal Blooms Flower Petals
Enchanted Brownie Grotto Darklight Wood 14,-23,-236 Festive Flowers,
Strong Brew Root Beer
Tree Bark

You can find the full details on our guide to Magical Mushroom Rings including all the merchant items so you can better plan your house decorating.

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MMORPG Info Logo Tay on Twitter

I keep meaning to tell you guys that I am on Twitter. If you are already signed up for Twitter then you can follow me simply by clicking on the “follow” button on my Twitter page.

Tay on Twitter

Or you can just visit Tay on Twitter and see the updates there (no need to sign up for anything).

My Twitter stream has very little overlap with my website because I use it for the small things that don’t seem worth a full blog post for, so you won’t simply be getting the same information again.

What will you find? Well, I link interesting web pages that I have found: browser games and interesting news and exceptional blog pieces. I have also started doing notifications of major EQ2 events (Mushroom rings, live quest events, that kind of thing). And of course, it’s a great chance for me to chitchat with other players and make friends.

I don’t use automated alerts at all – everything on my Twitter-stream is typed in by me. So you won’t get spammed although I often do a quick tweet to let people know a new blogpost is up.

And I have never, ever tweeted what I had for breakfast. Coffee and cottage cheese, if you are wondering.

So, if you are interested in a little bit more of Tay-goodness and fun links then follow me on Twitter.

If you send me a message @Tay to say hello, I’ll follow you back. 🙂


MMORPG Info Logo Search for Knowledge

Kaymar Kropper stumbled on the way to the mailbox and cursed Bristlebane as she tripped forward, the freshly baked pie in her hands flying across the green. She was not as agile as she once was but usually she could manage to walk across Baubbleshire without incident. She glared at the clump of grass but then a closer inspection showed that there was a sharp corner sticking out of the dark earth. She knelt and scrabbled at the dirt until she could see that it was a large item and clearly been buried for some time. The pie forgotten, she continued to dig until she unearthed the shard.

Polishing Pieces


MMORPG Info Logo Tinkering by Tier

Now that the Tinkerfest has shown Norrath just how much fun tinkering can be, many people have decided to take up the craft and explore the pleasures of gnomish gadgetry. Tinkers come in all races and classes and you can learn to tinker alongside your primary profession.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, use our Freedom to Tinker guide to learn the basics. If you are feeling more confident and just want to make progress, this reference guide should help. For every tier this guide lists:

  • the harvests used
  • the zones in which those harvests can be found
  • the purchased books
  • a favorite item

These favorite items are specifically for skilling up – in every instance you’ll want to make multiples of these while they offer good experience so that you can use them when exploring the wilds of Norrath or sell them to help other intrepid adventurers.

Note: The recipes in the books do not always use the materials for the tier in which they are scribed. I’ve tried to list the most obvious discrepancies.