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On the 20th of each month, magical mushroom rings appear in secluded woods around Norrath, tempting adventurers and tradeskillers into hidden instances.

The rings are all placed in relatively safe forested areas (which is why there are no rings in the Commonlands nor Gorowyn):
Mushroom Ring

  • Archer’s Wood in Antonica
  • East of D’Abth Bridge in Nektulos Forest
  • West of the Spires in Enchanted Lands
  • Nerian Highlands in Darklight Wood
  • In front of the Nursery in Greater Faydark

The mushroom rings lead to small, temporary instances which scale to your level. When you enter the instance you will find an NPC offering a simple quest. Completing the quest rewards you with an elemental token. Each instance has a merchant which has house items and appearance items for sale. The elemental tokens can be used to purchase these items (listed below) You can collect up to six tokens per month (there are two quests in the Darklight Woods instance) per character. The tokens are heirloom so you can trade them between characters on a single account.

These instances also include special purple shiny collections. There is only a single question mark in an instance, so it may take some months to complete these collections.

DominoDev posts:

The intention, once all the gremlins are shaken out, is that it will run from 12:01 am on the 20th till 11:59pm on the 21st (48 hours in total).

However, as we saw this morning, not all the gremlins are quite shaken out yet, so please keep that in mind as the goal we are working towards, not a hard-and-fast promise written in blood and the tears of small kittens.

Enchanted Dryad Grotto

Inside the GrottoZone: Antonica
Location: -698,-4,622
Quest-giver: Treespirit Elder at -73,-31,-389
Quest: Pollution Problem
Collection: Dryad Leaves
Merchant: A dryad trader at -69,-43,-327
Items for Sale:

Enchanted Dryad Grotto
Item Cost
Conch Shell 1
Oyster Shell 1
Leaf Blown Carpet 1
Coral Cluster 1
Treespirit Potion 1
Tainted Treespirit Potion 1
Mussel Shell 1
Gem Cluster 1
Sand Urchin Shell 1
Coral Frond 1
Abalone Shell 1

Enchanted Naiad Grotto


Zone: Enchanted Lands
Location: -278,5,15
Quest-giver: A Naiad Elder at -98,-2, 29
Quest: Naiad Aid
Collection: Naiad Scales
Merchant: a naiad trader at -105,-3,16
Items for Sale:

Enchanted Naiad Grotto
Item Cost
Swamp Reed 1
Naiad Guardian Potion (20 Charges) 1
Turtle Plushie 1
Rhododendron 1
Large Mossy Log 1
Naiad Waterworker Potion (20 Charges) 1
Blue Frog Plushie 1
Plains Fern 1
Small Mossy Log 1
Naiad Elder Potion 1
Pitcher Plant 1
Cattails 1
Hollow Log 1
Feerrott Fern 1

Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto

Zone: Nektulos
Location: -367,0,-681
Quest-giver: A Nature Spirit Elder at 243,-6,-80
Quest: Earthly Tasks
Collection: Mushroom Spores
Merchant: an earthspirit trader at 218,-5,-45
Items for Sale:

Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto
Item Cost
Amethyst Stone Cluster 1
Dense Crystal Formation 1
Clustered Crystal Formation 1
Young Purple Mushroom 1
Mossy Red Mushrooms 1
Mossy Blue Mushrooms 1
Zygomyd Plushie 1
Topaz Stone Cluster 1
Limecap Mushroom 1
Purple Spotted Mushroom 1
Grouped Crystal Formation 1
Faceted Blue Crystals 1
Mature Purple Mushroom 1
Sharp Blue Crystals 1

Enchanted Fay Grotto

Greater FaydarkZone: Greater Faydark
Location: -128,-44,-770
Quest-giver: A Pixie Elder at 812,107,-598
Quest: Seasonal Blooms
Collection: Flower Petals
Merchant: a pixie trader at 779,104,-637
Items for Sale:

Enchanted Fay Grotto
Item Cost
Starflower Blossom 1
Wild Trumpetflower Vine 1
Wild Hanging Vine 1
Stag Plushie 1
Pixie Plushie 1
Wild Honeysuckle 1
Wall Clinging Vine 1
Wild Vine 1
Leafstrider Unicorn Whistle 1
Flame Flower 1
Fawn Plushie 1
Faeflower Blossom 1
Autumnstrider Unicorn Whistle 1
A Grassy Square 1

Enchanted Brownie Grotto

Zone: Darklight Wood
Location: 14,-23,-236
Quest-giver: A Brownie Elder at -295,-35,-10
Quest: Festive Flowers
Quest-giver: A Faun Elder at -318,-38,8
Quest: Strong Brew Root Beer (Requires level 2 artisan)
Collection: Tree Bark
Merchant: a brownie trader at -273,-37,-20
Items for Sale:

Enchanted Brownie Grotto
Item Cost
Faydwer Oak Tree 1
Flowering Tree 1
Jarsath Oak Tree 1
Savannah Tree 1
Flowering Orange Circlet 2
Flowering Pink And White Circlet 2
Flowering Pink And Yellow Circlet 2
Flowering Red Circlet 2
Flowering Yellow Circlet 2

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