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This long-winded series is a little bit odd in that it’s not a straight-forward quest line. The individual quests are written up on EQ2i but the quests themselves are quite straight-forward; it’s keeping track of where you are in terms of faction and timeline that appears to be confusing.

As I know people are doing the quest at the moment, here are my initial notes which I hope works as a sensible accompaniment to the quest detail on EQ2i.

An important point is that gaining faction with the Order of the Rime faction is not a simple progression. You will need to travel back and forth between the zones. You have a choice of repeatable quests for grinding faction and you can continue to do these quests rather than moving directly on to the next step of the quest story-line. The following is one route through the series which is efficient and yet focuses on the story and quest line as much as possible:

Order of the Rime

  • Initial quest line in Kylong Plains
  • Initial quest line in Fens
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Fens, The Sheet
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Kunzar Jungle, Murkdwellers
  • Faction grinding in Kunzar Jungle
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Kunzar Jungle, Murkdwellers
  • Delivery to Fens
  • Faction grinding in Kunzar Jungle (lots)
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Fens, The Sheet
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Jarsath Wastes, The Overthere
  • Faction grinding in Jarsath Wastes
  • Order of the Rime quest line in Emperor’s Athenaeum
  • Order of the Rime quest in Fens, The Sheet

Quests and Faction

The quest line starts with Kilur Beardback at 855,15,219 at Dreg’s Landing in Kylong Plains. Initially you will get negative faction with the Order of the Rime but as you are max-KOS anyway, this makes no difference. You must go through these quests in order to start gaining faction with the Order of the Rime. You simply need to finish them before you start building faction with the Order of the Rime, once you have your mask.

New Area in FensCarry on through the initial quests there which will lead you to more quests in Riliss in the Fens of Nathsar. You will be given a mask and told to infiltrate the Order of the Rime and get them to trust you. You should avoid killing any Order of the Rime members from this point on as the questline requires you to gain faction with them.

The mask is a cast-item which adds 40,000 faction until your natural faction reaches -8,800. Once you use it you will find your unmasked/masked faction is -50,000/-10,000, thus allowing you to enter their camp and gain quests. The merchants will not do business with you but the blacksmith is less fussy and happy to mend your armor at standard rates.

The faction bonus effect drops every time you zone and when you log out so camp out of range of the Order of the Rime camp while your natural faction is still KOS.

Breaking DawnThe initial camp is in the Fens of Nathsar in an icy area known as The Sheet. It is a new bit of the continent, past the Field of Bone. The closest sokokar post is the Bellywhumper’s.

Cast the mask and start the quest line given to you by the Order of the Rime at this location. As a part of the quest line, you will be sent to Kunzar Jungle.

At Kunzar Jungle, you will be pointed to the clickable items which offer repeatable quests. In order to get the next quest in the series, Task of the Rider, you need an unmasked/masked faction of around -42,200/-2,200 so you are likely to need to grind faction. The repeatable quests are detailed at the bottom of this post.

Note: Some players have reported that, at -42,200/-2,200 faction, Kellaen Mednevn did not offer them a quest until they logged out and back in.

Most players will find they need to do three repeatable quests to get faction up: see the faction grinding section below. At this point, you have access to both Set 1 in the Fens and Set 1 in the Jungle. As you are in the Jungle, it is simplest to repeat the two kill-quests offered in this set to you receive the Task of the Rider quest from Kellaen Mednevn (Stock Seargeant).

Talk to the Eastern Lord and do her quest and then when she asks you whether you would rather remain in the Jungle or go to the Fens, choose to return to the Fens.
Beast of BurdenYou now have a lot of grinding faction to do but you will gain 1,800 faction for going to the Fens so it’s worth a trip there and back. At this stage you should end up over -40,000/0 faction, that is, your masked faction is now positive indifferent. This will allow you to view the merchants’ wares at The Sheet although you can not yet purchase any items.

At this point, Kunzar Jungle Set 2 repeatable quests become available (listed below). The two kill quests from this set are the quickest to complete as the mobs are in the immediate area of the Order of the Rime camp. You will need to do these two quests over a dozen times to gain enough faction to continue.

There is an in-game player title, “Order of the Rime” which is rewarded for completing a certain number of repeatable quests. You can gain this title either in the Fens or in the Jungle. I received the title doing this set of repeatables when my faction was -21,000/19,000

After you gain more faction, you will find new quests appear at the NPC at The Sheet in the Fens. EQ2i states that Ahead of the Game and Report to the Proctor become available when your masked faction is 15,000. Fens of Nathsar Set 2 faction quests seems to kick in around -18,200/21,800. You will need -15,000/25,000 to continue the story-line in Jarsath’s Waste so you will need to continue to grind so there is no reason to rush off the moment you have the faction for the next quest.

To minimise travel, you can go back to the Fens at around -20,000/20,000 faction and do these story line quests in sequence, leading to the Daze of Winter (requiring -15,000/25,000 faction) which is your introduction to the next set of quests in Jarsath Wastes.

At Jarsath’s Wastes, Tuuak will give you the quest Regimental Destruction. Upon completing this quest, the Jarsath Wastes Set 1 (listed below) repeatable quests become available. During the course of Tuuak’s quest line, the mask stops having an effect as your faction increases. Now you are working completely on natural faction. Following Tuuak’s quests, you continue with Storn Yeldree offering Arise My Battlers, Arise which EQ2i says requires -1,000 faction to receive.

Rime and ReasonThen Storn Yeldree should offer you Egging Them On. Carry on with your repeatables until you gain 3,000 faction and you’ll find that Tuuak Eiylorn offers Of Rime and Reason. Then it’s back to repeatables until Delreri Feldrek offers you Athenaeum Update at 16,600 faction. Somewhere around this point you should receive Trooper of the Rime as a title.

Enter the Athenaeum is the first of the heroic quests. If you wish to complete the Order of the Rime faction solo, your only option is to continue to do the repeatables until you reach 50,000 faction. After Athenaeum Update, there are no more solo quests in the storyline.

You require 30,000 faction to receive Enter the Athenaeum which will lead you into the Heroic Emperor’s Athenaeum instance at 870,-130, 165 in Jarsath’s Wastes.

The final quest in the series, Return to the Cursed Tower requires 40,000 faction and you will need to use the mask although you receive a warning that it does not have an effect. You should return to the Sheet in the Fens of Nathsar and speak to Kraytoc Killingfrost there to gain the quest Return to the Cursed Tower leading you to Kurn’s Tower, a two-group instanced dungeon. Defeating the Lifebringer and completing this quest should give you the remaining faction required to purchase the items from the merchants nearby.

Faction Grinding: Repeatable Quests

There are repeatable quests in every camp which pay out in faction. The quest you receive is based on your faction level.

Fens of Nathsar: Set 1 800 faction each
A Pincher’s Venom (kill Boneclaw Pinchers in the Field of Bone)
Filling a Bone Box (kill Cabilisian troopers and dragoons in the Ruins of Cabilis)

Fens of Nathsar: Set 2 800 faction each
Available after you’ve completed the Jungle quest line, around -18,200/21,800 faction
A Spitter’s Venom (Kill Bonespint Spitters in Field of Bone)
Re-filling a Bone Box (Kill Dragonmage Spell Slingers in Field of Bone)
Weapon Racket (Kill Kromdek warmongers or stonelords in the upper area of Field of Bone)

Kunzar Jungle: Set 1 800 faction each
Available after completing Stockpiling Stone Mucus
Fishing for Faction (kill kunzar scalerippers)
Set of Bone Plates (kill Chokidai)

Kunzar Jungle: Set 2 800 faction each
Available at -38kish/2,175 faction, after receiving and completing the quest to travel back to the Fens from the Rider
Leather Bound (kill sokokar in the local area)
More Fish for the Stew (kill Kunzar Scaleshredders at Dragon Drool Lake)
Putting Them in One Basket (harvest eggs from around the cockatrice, not recommended)

Jarsath Wastes: Set 1 1000 faction each
Available after completing Regimental Destruction
Fresh Catch (kill Runewake Impalers in the far side of the lake in Danak Shipyard)
What a Chum (kill Terrorspine Sharks in the far side of the lake in Danak Shipyard)
(both of these are in the same area around -624,-52,1564)

magmatic crystalsJarsath Wastes: Set 2 1,200 faction each
Note that unlike other zones, both sets of repeatable quests remain available to you in Jarsath Wastes.
Red Leather (kill Wurms in Skyfire Mountains)
Poison Run (kill Drachnids in the caves at -2361,260,951 near the Temple of the Red Lord sokokar post)
Hot Crystalline (collect magmatic crystals which form around the lava flows in Skyfire, not recommended)

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  • Asplatt wrote:

    This guide sucks, it is not recomended that you follow this. If you do, it will take you twice as long to raise your faction. I suggest finding another well know website that will help you with the Rime quest series.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Would you like to offer a link to a guide that you think is better?

  • Peta wrote:

    Your quest quide is great. WARNING. Do all the kill rime quests befoe trying to improve faction, you will loose plus faction bonuses from quests and will have to grind longer and harder. I will hit all the kill rime quests first, then return to these Good faction quests later.

    I stumbled through the Kylong Plains and the Fens intro quest. I got the mask for the illusion. Thanks for the heads up on how this works.

    It would be nice to have a bad faction quest line. write up. Maybe Asplatt could write it 😉

  • Taymar wrote:

    Thanks Peta. I’ve highlighted the need to avoid killing them in the guide.

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    I have followed this each time I ran through this faction quest line on numerous lvl 80 toons. Thanks for write up and help.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Thank you Priscylla 🙂

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    I found the guild useful. It would be great to have a compact list of rewards for quests. I’m trying to figure out where I got a turtle shell shield from…I think it was a rime quest. o.O

  • Taymar wrote:

    Thge Gigantic Turtleshell Buckler! It’s useless to my toons but I do like the look of it. And yeah, it’s one of the Rime quest rewards.

  • Raquelle wrote:

    The mask becomes unusable at -8,800 natural faction, so be sure you don’t grind too much faction before you get and do quest lines that open up other quests. I did this by mistake, so the only quests open to me at the moment are the two 800 rep beginning faction grinds in Fens and Kunzar. I’ll now need to grind to 20k natural faction to start quests that open up others that reward more faction each time. Sigh.

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