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TOR Books, publishers of some of the best science fiction novels in existence, have made an intriguing new announcement. They are publishing a space opera from Hjalti Daníelsson, who is the “main creative writer” for Eve Online. The novel, EVE: The Burning Life, is described as an epic hybrid of space opera and military science fiction and will take place in the EVE Online universe. Daníelsson has written a number of short stories but this is his first novel. EVE: The Burning Life is expected to release in November of this year. At the very least, the combination of TOR and EVE has a certain synergy.

Press Release:
Macmillan: Tor-Forge: News: Tor Books announces EVE Online novelization

“EVE is a phenomenal SF offering,” said Eric Raab, Tor Editor. “The game is beyond awe-inspiring, and its intricacies deserve stories. Hjalti’s storytelling skills shine in-game and in his short fiction. We at Tor are truly excited for his first foray into the novel form.”

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A vicious attack on a deep space mining colony results in its destruction and the death of nearly all its inhabitants. Of the handful of tattered survivors, a lone young man swears revenge upon the forces that cost him everything but his breath.

In another part of the universe, an agent of death loses her tenuous grip on sanity, leaves her profession and everything of her past life, and goes on a journey of redemption.

Their respective paths will take them through galactic empires built on faith, hedonism, discipline and rebellion, and plunge them into the darkest parts of space where they encounter denizens of the chaotic and dangerous pirate kingdoms. And all the while, as they draw closer to what they seek, they begin to realize that the only stakes worth playing for are the ones that bring danger and change…

An intriguing idea although I’m not looking forward to the glut of bad World of Warcraft novelizations if this turns into a success.


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