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We’ve had so much shiny new content this year, somehow I totally missed the essence items available on the Lavastorm docks.

Edric Fyrecog, an Elemental Treasure Hunter, is offering quite a nice selection of jewelry for a somewhat unconventional price of 15 Unbound Elemental Essences each.

Edric Fyrecog

These pieces compare favorably to the Void Shard Infused Jewelry available via missions and most of them won’t break up a set so you can mix and match.

Item Slot Stats Health Power Resists Effects
Coldwater Circlet of Clarity Finger +20 STA
+42 INT
150 185 Heat: 581
Divine: 581
Poison: 581
+4 Disruption
+40 spell damage
Sorcerous Alacrity II
Arcane Recovery II
Elaborate Electrified Earring Ear +20 STR
+40 STA
+32 AGI
190 110 Heat: 581
Cold: 581
Magic: 581
+4 Defense
+4 Deflection
+4 Parry
+5 Attack Speed
+2 Double Attack Chance
Ferocious Frozen Filament Waist +20 STA
+45 WIS
+15 INT
185 155 Cold: 581
Magic: 581
Mental: 581
+2 Heal Crit Chance
Runic Recovery IV
Plague Parched Pendant Ear +35 STA
+38 INT
150 155 Heat: 581
Cold: 581
Magic: 581
+3 Damage Spell Crit Chance
+30 spell damage
Arcane Recovery III
Poison Pearls of Power Ear +35 STR
+25 STA
+20 AGI
195 110 Heat: 581
Cold: 581
Magic: 581
+2 Double Attack Chance
+2 Ranged Double Attack Chance
+2 Melee Crit Chance
+45 combat art damage
Quagmire Quenched Cameo Ear +28 STA
+48 WIS
+15 INT
190 155 Mental: 581
Disease: 581
Poison: 581
+5 Focus
+3 Heal Crit Chance
+50 heal amount
Steaming Sash of Speed Waist +32 STR
+45 STA
+20 AGI
195 175 Cold: 581
Magic: 581
Mental: 581
+7 Crushing
+7 Piercing
+7 Slashing
Torrent Touched Trinket Neck +42 STR
+25 STA
+20 AGI
+15 INT
195 155 Heat: 581
Divine: 581
Poison: 581
+2 Double Attack Chance
+1 Melee Crit Chance
+55 combat art damage

In addition, mages will see an Unadorned Steel Circlet for sale. You purchase the circlet with void shards instead of essences and it requires gems from the Ward of the Elements dungeon. You can find more information about it on EQ2i: Unadorned Steel Circlet.

So the question remains, how do you get 15 Unbound Elemental Essences to trade for the jewelery pieces?

Saedie Kalterra

Inside the Shrine of Thunder, you will find Saedie Kalterra, a Kerra standing at -136,-114,648 near the back wall. She offers a set of three quests to level 80 adventurers:

  • Cleansing the Elements
  • Cleansing the Elements Again
  • The Last of the Elemental Cleansing

The quests all consist of the same two steps:

1) Collect 8 void essences and 2 void lattices. Kill void creatures to gain these: quickest is to clear the brutes on the beach to gain these quickly. Invading Lacerators give credit for both parts of this quest. You need to report back to Saedie once you have done this.


2) Kill a corrupted Elemental Lord. To spawn a corrupted Elemental Lord, you’ll have to enter the caves at 48,-10,247. There are three rooms within the caves. Choose any of these and clear the invading renders out of the way. Right-click each of the orbs so that they are all set to the same element. The color of the portals behind the invading renders will change (red for fire, white for frost, green for poison, blue for storms, cyan for water).

Once they all match, the fourth orb becomes triggerable. Click on that to spawn the corrupted Elemental Lord who will aggro you immediately.

Elemental Lord

If the other three orbs do not match, or if you are not at the right stage of the cleansing quest, then the fourth one will not be triggerable and you will not be able to spawn the Elemental Lord.

Quest RewardKill the Lord and you will receive your reward: gold, faction and an Unbound Elemental Essence. If you return to Saedie Kalterra, she will offer you Cleansing the Elements Again and then The Last of the Elemental Cleansing.

You can do the set of three Cleansing quests every day and each quest rewards an unbound elemental essence.

5 days dedication doesn’t seem a lot in return for high-end jewelry that he has on offer.


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