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Books For Every OccasionPlayer-written books have come to Norrath! I’ve already filled a shelf in our guild hall with books for everyone: an address book for our guild members, a copy of Harvesting by Tier, collection references and a few short stories set in Norrath. Writing your own bestseller is easy: you simply need to choose a design and then fill the pages with your prose.

There are two book recipes per tier, one handcrafted book using the standard pelt and one mastercrafted book using the rare pelt of that tier. The mastercrafted books have a clasped design.

These books are crafted by sages with level 50 or higher. Sages learn these recipes via a quest on the Isle of Mara. You will need to have basic Far Seas Trader faction to do the quest. You can gain this needed by speaking to Captain Ingrid at the docks and completing her initial quest.

Books come in two orientations which alternate up the tiers. Tier 1, tier 3 and the rest of the odd-numbered tiers sit flat while tier 2, tier 4 and the other even-numbered tiers stand upright.

Tier One Collections

Once you have chosen a book, you need to have it in your inventory in order to begin writing. A blank book can be edited by anyone. Once the book has an author (that is, it has been given a title) only the author can edit it.

Right-click on the book in your inventory, choose the read option and then press the edit button on the bottom bar.

Each book takes a limited amount of characters which comes out to approximately ten pages of text. As you edit, you will see a progress bar that shows how much of the book has been filled to help you keep track of the space remaining to you.

Wishful Thinking

Once you assign a title to a book, you can save it, even if it has no text in it. The book will then show with title and your name as the author and only you will be able to edit the book from that point. You do not have to have the book in your inventory to edit it once you have set yourself as the author of the book.

You can write a book in any language that your character is fluent in. There is a drop-down menu in the lower-right area of the book editing window. Other characters who are not fluent in the language chosen will be able to read the title of your book, as it appears in common, however they will not be able to read the content.


To create a copy of a book, you need to have the original book and a blank book in your inventory. With your inventory open, right click the original book and choose the “Copy” option and then click on the blank book that you wish to copy the content into.

To find books on the broker, you will need to use the advanced filter as books do not display in the standard broker lists. Choose the item type “Player Written Book” and you will receive a list which you can sort by title, vendor or price. If you include the word by in the Item Name field, your search will be limited to those books with content.

And if you’d like an autographed copy of any of my books, just send an in-game email to Blackburrow.Taymar and let me know. If you’ll supply a blank book, I’m happy to come to your server and fill it.



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