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It’s confirmed! The mushroom rings will be appearing on live servers for the first time on Saturday, June 20th and then continue to appear each month for at least 24 hours but no more than 48.

Here is a quick summary of information based on discussions on the forums with DominoDev.

On the 20th of each month, magical mushroom rings will appear in secluded woods around Norrath, tempting adventurers and tradeskillers into hidden instances.

The rings are all placed in relatively safe forested areas (which is why there are no rings in the Commonlands nor Gorowyn):
Merchant Screenshot from test by Rowenash

  • Archer’s Wood in Antonica
  • East of D’Abth Bridge in Nektulos Forest
  • West of the Spires in Enchanted Lands
  • Nerian Highlands in Darklight Wood
  • In front of the Nursery in Greater Faydark

The mushroom rings lead to small, temporary instances which scale to your level. The instances are a simple type of mission which reward elemental tokens which can be used to purchase house furniture. You can collect up to six tokens per month (there are two quests in the Darklight Woods instance). The tokens are heirloom so you can trade them between characters on a single account.

These instances also include special purple shiny collections. There is only a single question mark in an instance, so it may take some months to complete these collections.

DominoDev posted yesterday confirming the Moonlight Enchantments mini live event

Last month folks on Test server noticed the appearance of some mysterious mushroom rings in various forested areas of Norrath.

These rings are only visible when the phase of the moon is right … which appears to correspond to the 20th of every Earth month (PST time zone).

Those who wish to investigate where the mushroom rings may take them should therefore keep their eyes open this weekend, and around the 20th of each month in the future!

We hope this regularly occurring little mini event will give you something to look forward to each month. And if you happen to miss it one month, it’s not long till the next time the rings appear! 😀


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