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Game Update 52, Might and Magic, has come to Norrath. Kiara has posted the Game Update Notes which offer plenty of detail. Before you disappear into the depths of Kunark to explore the new quest lines, however, you should pop by your home village to find out about getting upgrades to your abilities from the new Research Assistant you will find there.

Research Assistants have come to Norrath to help adventurers upgrade their abilities. When you interact with a Research Assistant, he or she will offer you a list of the spells and combat arts which can be upgraded, along with a timeline of how long it will take to research the upgrade.

Research Assistant

The upgrades available to you are based on the spell or combat art you already have in your knowledge book. You must have purchased the crafted version of the spell or combat art in order to upgrade to the next version. The versions you can obtain from the Research Assistant are in bold.

Previously Known As Current Version Name
Apprentice I Apprentice
Apprentice IV Journeyman
Adept I Adept
Adept III Expert
Master I Master
Master II Grandmaster

The researcher can only upgrade to Adept and Master so you must have purchased and scribed the crafted version (Journeyman and Expert, respectively) in order to get an upgrade. That is, if you have the Apprentice spell (which you receive automatically when you level), you will not be able to upgrade it. If you have scribed the Journeyman version of the spell (previously Apprentice IV), the Research Assistant will offer to to upgrade it to Adept. If you have the Expert level (previously known as Adept III) you will be offered to upgrade to the Master version. You cannot upgrade to crafted versions. If you want to upgrade from Adept, you will need to purchase the Expert version from a crafter, scribe it, and then the Research Assistant will offer to upgrade it to Master.

You can upgrade one spell or combat art at a time per account (not per character). If another character on the same account attempts to upgrade a spell, you will receive a warning that this will cancel the research for the other character.

If you cancel research on an upgrade, you will be able to transfer 1/3 of the time spent to a different upgrade. It is unclear if this works across characters on the same account.

If you receive the combat art or spell that you are researching as a drop, do not scribe it until you have been to the research assistant to change the research. If you change the research, then you will receive a third of the time spent as a credit. If you scribe the upgrade being researched, the game cancels the research and you do not receive the credit. (Source)


The time required to research the item is based on the level of the spell or combat art. Low level skills upgrade much quicker as you spend much less time using that spell before moving on to the next tier.

Research Assistants have been placed in all of the starting villages. The guards will show you the direct route if you ask them for the location of Research Assistant.


Researcher Byrche Di’Ervs
(on the middle level near the North Exit)


Researcher Lance Dra’Kol


Researcher Eljas Aravirta
(on the upper platform near the bank)


Researcher Miller Dramigan
(in the New Foreign Quarter)


Beggar’s Court
Researcher Saltprow

Big Bend
Researcher Gromk

Longshadow Alley
Researcher V’Tun

Scale Yard
Researcher Valseth

Stonestair Byway
Researcher Fomondulus

Temple Street
Researcher Yurik


Castleview Hamlet
Researcher Bubbler

Graystone Yard
Researcher Oakfist

Researcher Tanglmayn

Starcrest Commune
Researcher Andor Quist

The Baubbleshire
Researcher Oatheaver

The Willow Wood
Researcher Sandsea

Choose a spell or combat art to be upgraded and you will see a progress meter at the top of the window for that research item. You can change to another spell and some of the time already spent progressing the research item you chose will be transferred to the new one. Only one character per account can upgrade a spell at a time.


When the spell research is complete, the Research Assistant will send you an in-game mail to let you know. Visit the Research Assistant once you’ve received your notification and he or she will update the spell or combat art directly into your knowledge book.



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