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Pac Man, , Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Advance Wars, Metal Gear, Pokemon, Sonic, Doom … and I haven’t even started yet!

How many game references can you spot?

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  • M.Jose wrote:

    Sonic the Hedgehog or SatAM as it’s referred by fans, was a show that really stands the test of time for various, justifiable reasons. Quality storytelling, beautiful animation, and a score similar to John Williams. The wonderful character development is what really got me immersed in the world of Sonic and its something that’s unfortunately lacking in his current state. With the recent cancellation of Sonic X and SEGA’s realization of their next gen games, it’s no surprise that they’ve acknowledged the brilliant, yet obscure universe that conveyed everything Sonic the Hedgehog should be. Ironically characters such as Princess Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, and Rotor are still apparent in today’s Archie Comics, but have never seen the light in a Sonic game (Sonic Spinball doesn’t count, sorry). For you youngsters out there that are fans of Shadow, Rouge, Amy, and Cream prepare to be amazed at the epic adventure that awaits you involving The Knothole Freedom Fighters! Intended for a tween-teenager audience just be aware that it contains a darker atmosphere, a continuing plot, and emotional drama. It really rides out as a classic sci-fi serial since each episode advances the story. For those who don’t know what a serial is, then just think Flash Gordon or Star Wars and you’ll understand. It’s depressing that it took 12 years for this great masterpiece to be released to the public, but I’m glad I finally own it.

    This is definitely a series that shouldnt be passed up by fans of science fiction or Sonic the Hedgehog. The bonus features are nothing less than awesome. Concept art, storyboards, fanart, and commentary from show writer Ben Hurst and Sonic himself aka Jaleel White. I maybe 25, but after watching this set it still remains fresh and original. The only haunting element is the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger when an intended third season was supposed to air. In summation, I would give this collection higher than 5 stars. The overall packaging and video/audio restoration is (as Sonic would put it) Way Past Cool! In closing, Id like to say this. Out of the cartoons I’ve watched in my quarter lifetime, I still consider it one of the best animated TV shows ever produced!

  • Alfonso Krager wrote:

    The yellow PacMan rocks, now Google finally honors him 🙂

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