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Great news: Dragonica is ready for launch. We played the game in the closed beta and had a great time with it and now you can too.

The European launch is on the 10th of June, 2009 and you can download the software from the Dragonica site on gPotato.


What’s special about Dragonica? This free-to-play game stands out due to its side-scrolling format combining arcade play with MMO content offering a frantic combo combat system, missions and PvP.

The game transports you to the land of Dragotaka, with dungeons and labyrinths as well as villages for meeting people and trading. PvP begins at level 20, with one-on-one battles and team death matches. Draconica offers standard communications: chat systems, friends lists, market trading and an in-game postal system.

However, there are also some intriguing new community aspects. If you form a couple with another player, you gain a special ability to warp to your partner’s location and you receive special skills and buffs when you play in range of that person. Larger groups pay out in Friend Points, which you can hand in for bonus experience after your group encounters.

For those who like backstory, Gala Networks has released three intro trailers on YouTube to whet your appetite:

Their European website has a ton of information, including some gorgeous images of the different locations. I love the look of this underwater world.

Underwater World

Take a look at our Game Preview for a more in-depth look at the lower levels of Dragonica or head on over to the Dragonica site on gPotato and download it for yourself.


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