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Have you got a stack of shiny Void Shards? Are you wondering what to do with them? Give them to me! Oh well, I guess that won’t work. In that case, you should be looking through all of our handy guides for the Void Shard rewards so that you can work out exactly what you want to spend them on.

But don’t waste shards! Although there are merchants in the Moors of Ykesha who offer all of these items, they charge a premium rate! This cheeky Quellthulian cartel will overcharge you by up to three Void Shards per item. Instead, speak to tradeskillers with Far Seas Trading Company Faction who can craft the items for fewer Void Shards (but probably wouldn’t mind a bit of coin for their efforts).

Don’t let the Quellthulians take advantage. All items except for the mounts can be crafted by players at a lower shard cost.


Armor, Jewelry, Weapons and More

Void Shard Armor: The Ultimate Reference

The Automagical Table of Void Shard Armor just got better.

All of the Greater Shard Armor sets have been added. Sixes the Web Gnome has added in filters so that you can look at the Base armor or the Advanced armor separately or have them both on-screen together to allow you to explore the best upgrade path for your character.

Base Void Shard Armor

A primer. There are two sets of armor: base armor and advanced armor. The advanced pieces are created using the base armor – that is, an advanced chestplate requires the matching base chestplate in addition to the Void Shard cost. As a result, it may be worthwhile to purchase base armor pieces as you can afford them rather than waiting to “save up” for your advanced pieces. You will need the base armor anyway so you may as well gain the immediate benefits if they are an upgrade.

Basic Void Shard Jewelry

The basic jewelry comes in sets of four or five pieces but do not include a bonus for wearing multiple pieces from the same set. Crafted Void Shard Jewelry is contained in recipe book Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 2. The items can be inspected at a mysterious Quellthulian Shard Jewelry Merchant at 1681,452,897. Each basic jewelry item costs 4 Void Shards if crafted, 5 Void Shards from the merchant.

Void Shard Infused Jewelry

There are 24 sets of three pieces, where each piece costs 13 Void Shards to craft. Unlike Greater Shard Armor, the infused jewelry does not require you to purchase basic jewelry. Infused jewelry pieces are stand-alone and each type has three pieces which comprises the set. Each set has two bonuses: one for wearing two pieces and another for wearing three.

Void Shard Miscellanea

Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 3 includes the Shard Miscellanea that can be crafted from Void Shards. These items include weapons, shields, baubles and symbols.

Each item costs 18 Void Shards to craft.

This equipment, which includes all the Void Shard crafted pieces for the secondary, ranged and charm slots, can be viewed in game at a mysterious Quellthulian Shard Miscellanea Merchant at 1680,452,890 at the Dropship Landing area of the Moors of Ykesha. If you purchase the items from the Merchant, it will cost you additional shards per piece (so don’t!).

Crafting Void Shard Armor

Special tips for tradeskillers.

Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers

Far Seas Tradeskill Missions have recipe books that have a chance of dropping from the final chest of the mission instance. These recipe books are not the same as the faction recipes for sale by the Far Seas Faction Merchant. The books are scribable by all tradeskill classes at tradeskill level 70 and offer level 79 recipes to craft the adventurer items using fewer Void Shards. Thus, there is a great incentive for adventurers to have their items crafted rather than to purchase them from the merchants.

Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction

Group up with your friends and craft together towards a common goal with the Far Seas Trading Company crafting missions. These daily missions, optimised towards crafter groups representing all three professions, require The Shadow Odyssey expansion and you’ll need to be at least tradeskill level 50.


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