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The Shadow Odyssey missions have Void Shards as rewards which can be used to upgrade your gear, including jewelry. The Basic Void Shard Jewelry is much more affordable but if you are looking to dress your character in the best, you should be looking at the infused sets. But most of them are wearable by all so it is not as simple a decision as it is to pick out your other pieces.

The webgnome has come to the rescue and we have all of the jewelry laid out for you by set.

Shard Infused Jewelry

There are 24 sets of three pieces, where each piece costs 13 Void Shards to craft. Unlike Greater Shard Armor, the infused jewelry does not require you to purchase basic jewelry. Infused jewelry pieces are stand-alone and each type has three pieces which comprises the set. Each set has two bonuses: one for wearing two pieces and another for wearing three.

The recipes for infused jewelry can be found in Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 3. Crafters should read Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction for more information about gaining this recipe book. The jewelry items can be inspected at a mysterious Quellthulian Infused Shard Jewelry Merchant at 1678,452,895 at the Dropship Landing area of the Moors of Ykesha. If you purchase the items from the Merchant, it will cost you an additional two shards per piece (so don’t!).

The full listing of the Infused Void Shard Jewelry, by set, can be found as a table with class filters in our reference section.


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