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I usually post collections of browser games by category but no way am I going to find other flu games as much fun as Sneeze. I stumbled upon this flash game via Eating Bees and it totally used up all the time I had allocated towards writing a blog post. But you know, I bet you’ll have more fun playing this than reading about void shards anyway!


The premise is simple:

You are a virus infecting humans. Survive by making your human host sneeze and infect other humans. Infect the target percentage of the population to reach the next round.

You can sneeze only ONCE in each round. Move your human with the arrow keys, then press the Space Bar to sneeze.

Once you let loose your sneeze, the population will continue to spread your virus.

You must infect a minimum percentage of people per round or else it is game over. Everyone you infect adds to your point score, with bonus points once you reach your minimum.

For a high score, you’ll need to balance your victims: Children (dressed in red) spread the virus quickly but are only worth 5 points each, whereas the Elderly (dressed in yellow) move slower but net you 15 points per infection.

It’s a simple little game with edgy graphics, fun sound effects and gameplay with just a touch of strategy. I’m hooked.


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  • Chris wrote:

    Nice game, a must admit. Lately i’ve been playing where you can exchange the virtual gold for cash but am starting to get bored. I’m wondering if anyone knows any NEW games that came out in the last couple months.

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