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Are you making full use of the in-game macro system in EQ2? Many people use macros to add a line of text to each cast – a most annoying use of the system, if you ask me! But far fewer seem to take advantage of the ability to cast effects or to set up systems for situational spells.

We already have a whole set of guides for using macros for everything from swapping from solo to group gear to creating a quick mute button but as things can be hard to find (the gnomes are working on a new navigation system) I thought I would take the chance to highlight the posts in a single reference guide.

Water Breathing

  • Using Macros in EQ2
    A basic tutorial on the macro system and how to create a macro.
  • Equipment Macros
    You can have separate hotkeys for solo, group and tradeskilling clothes, making it quick and easy to change outfits – without even needing a phone booth!
  • Waving Not Drowning
    Get Enduring Breath from the Fishbone Earring quickly and easily with a single click.
  • Equipment Slots
    The 24 slot numbers to go with the /use_equipped_item command.
  • Using Macros in Combat
    Free up critical hotkey space by combining spells and combat arts.
  • Utility Macros
    Store commonly used commands for quick reference.

Have you found other ways to use the macro system? Leave a note in the comments so that we can all learn!



  • Wicks wrote:

    I was wondering if you guys had a macro for EQ2, where if i clicked the button, it would cast a buffing spell on my pet. I have not found one out on the internet yet, no one in world chat knows, and I couldn’t find one on your site either…I want to cast Prismatic Chaos on my pet, but everytime I use “%M” as the target, it says is not in the raid or group. But the spell does work on my pet, because when I manually target the pet and cast the spell, it works just fine. Thanks, Wicks

  • Taymar wrote:

    Hmm, I know I had pet buffing macros but I have to admit, my memory is hazy. I wonder if the problem is that %m doesn’t target, it just names the pet of your target?

    Can you do it by using /target with the explicit pet name?

  • Taymar wrote:

    AH or actually: /target_pet

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