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When we last saw Paxmar, she was mourning the death of her good friend Ealaynya, who was murdered in broad daylight in the Temple of Life. Paxmar distracted herself with archeology work in the Sinking Sands until Frostfell at which point she returned home to Baubbleshire to visit with family.

She had a wonderful time but it wasn’t long before her yearning for new sights began to get the better of her again.

Qeynos Harbor is not very far from Baubbleshire, just the other side of Elddar Grove but if you want to really see the place in action, you need to be there at night. That’s why I took a room at Fish’s Alehouse, even though Dad would have tutted if he were alive today. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but it was nice to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city again.

However, it is easy to forget that there is rather an unsavory element to the place. I was sitting at the docks, watching the ships drift in and out of the safe harbor, when a group of rather loud dwarfish youths decided to ask what a nice gnomish girl like me was doing in a place like this all on my own. I made haste to retreat into the Mermaid’s Lure to avoid them. I sat down and started a conversation with the bartender, so as not to appear alone. He was friendly enough, said his name was Erwin Rohand and that he’d worked in the Tavern for years. I told him that I was a bit nervous about the rowdy dwarfs and he sighed.

“Used to be, we could take care of them. I used to make them special drinks,” Erwin told me, polishing the glass.

I was intrigued and told him so, although now I rather wish I hadn’t. He leaned in close and dropped his voice to a whisper. “I had a barrel in the back – just a small one, doesn’t take much. We kept it filled with canine saliva. You know the gnolls, down Blackburrow way? Well, there’s always adventurers heading there looking to fight their way down to the treasure that is supposed to be hidden in their caves. Most of them come back with nothing but a repair bill, but I put the word out that I was buying the saliva. Even gave them the vials to collect it in, for free.”

My stomach churned but somehow I found myself still leaning in to hear his rough whisper.

His lips parted in a yellow-toothed smile. “Used to be, for mixed drinks, the bartender’s guide simply said “liquid” and the drool from those gnolls, well, it certainly was that. Anyone come in here causing me trouble, well, they’d get an extra special cocktail on the house. Made with my very own secret ingredients, I’d tell them. And they’d slurp it up like it was ambrosia – every time!”

I felt myself turning green.

“Nowadays, you can’t get away with that,” he told me with a shake of his head. “Health and safety regulations are so strict now, they said they’d shut us down if they even found so much as a vial on the premises. Taking all the joy out of my job, they are.”

Mermaids Lure

I whispered something vaguely sympathetic and then, with a queasy wave, told him I had an appointment and needed to go. I left my cup of tea on the bar, untouched.

I desperately felt in need of a cleansing experience and after a moment spent breathing the fresh sea air to clear my head, I decided to head north to visit the Temple of Life and see what changes had happened in the time since I had been away at the desert.

I’m glad I went. I spoke to Delilah Meadowglow, who told me that “the elder druids have been focusing the power of Growth in the hope of once again unlocking the secrets of the rings.” She asked if I would travel around Norrath and visit each of the ancient rings to see if I could find evidence of Tunare’s Blessing. The elder druids believe they are on the verge of discovering the secret to these rings as transportation devices.

Well, I went straight to Antonica where I knew there was a set of rings and – woah! There was a Blessed Shrubbery that had clearly been touched by Tunare. I took a leaf to bring back to Delilah.

The mysterious leaf was the final component the elder druids had been seeking to unlock the powers of the Circle of Antonica. She told me to return to the ring to learn to use the power of the circle myself.

Druidic Magic

I did so and then set myself to exploring other stone rings like this, all over Norrath. Not all of the ancient locations had the Blessed Shrubbery but in the end I found nine druid rings which had the lush plant somewhere in the center, including Antonica. Working with Delilah, I am now able to travel to the stones at will, through the blessing of Tunare. This is wonderful for someone like me who has such wanderlust and yet gets seasick on the Qeynos boats.

While I was wandering, I picked up some other leaves and grubs, remembering how thrilled Mervos Stadrin always is to get trinkets from far away places. He seems uncommonly thrilled when I bring him a full set from someplace new. I’m very much looking forward to traveling further abroad and finding more exotic things for him to see!

Probably my biggest problem with Paxmar is trying to stay organized – remembering where she has been and which quests she has done. Most characters, I’m happy to log in for half an hour and see what the current quests are and jump right in, but with Paxmar I have to spend time working out what she can do first. The druid ring quests are nice because for once she had a clear set of goals that lasted for more than one session. I was able to get to most of the druid ring locations fairly safely using bells and boats. Only Kunzar Jungle posed serious difficulties but eventually I died close enough to the druid ring that I landed there upon reviving and was able to harvest the bush.

Paxmar - 28

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