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The tier two collections are intriguing and frustrating, especially those spread out on the Norrathian overland zones. Prepare to be frustrated: these collections include some of the most time consuming to complete.


Don’t forget to make sure your Particle Level of Detail (Options -> Display -> Particle Effects) is set to maximum and that you have a copy of Ripchi’s Collection Tracking Sheet to hand. If your tradeskill level is 44 or higher, you may also wish to invest in the tinkered Gnomish Divining Rods which can be used to track the shinies within range of you if you get really stuck.

The level of the collection in your journal is not always consistent with the level needed to collect the items, so collection tiers here are defined by the tier of the zone in which they are found. Thus, although both the butterflies in the Qeynos newbie zones and the Antonican Ficus Leaf collection in Antonica are both marked as level 15 collections, I have sorted them by zone and I discuss butterflies in Tier One Collections and Antonican Ficus Leaves here in Tier Two Collections.

Tier Two Collections

  • Chipped and Scuffed Shards
  • Cracked Bone Fragments
  • Grubs
  • Forest Beetles
  • Erudin Coins
  • Antonican Ficus Leaves
  • Halas Coins
  • Commonlands Shrub Leaves
  • Beetles: Plain, spotted, striped
  • Gnoll Ears andTails

Collection Locations

The most difficult quest to complete is cracked bones. The bones tend to be in specific areas, with cracked orc bones only available in Wailing Caves and cracked gnoll bones only available in Blackburrow. This is a bugger of a collection and quite honestly is probably not worth the time. Initial cracked bone fragments should go into racial bone collections as they are more valuable to complete.

Forest Beetles and Grubs are found all over Greater Faydark. A comfortable place to collect these is around the Spire Shadow Outpost just before the Steamfont zone, ranging down to the spires where you’ll need to watch for the level ten skeletons. Higher levels may wish to hunt in the area randing from Emerald Lake to New Tunaria which has two or three shinies to harvest but the mobs are level 21. Keep an eye out for the Goliath Beetle and the Fat Grub which are used in the Faydwer Expert collection and thus you will need twice. These are also the best selling from this zone for obvious reasons.

Antonican Ficus Leaves and Erudin Coins are both found in Antonica, along with scuffed and chipped shards and cracked bone fragments. The leaves and coins are said to be more predominant in the area around the two towers ranging from the farm fields outside of North Qeynos gate up to the mender’s hut. The Ficus leaf collection is difficult to complete because of the sparsity of the question marks and the amount of different collection items on the same node. However, the Ficus leaves now also spawn in Blackburrow as an uncommon collection. As there are two to three ?’s in the top level of Blackburrow, this is probably the easier place to complete this collection.

Halas Coins are found in Blackburrow dungeon in the north of Antonica. You can collect the set fairly quickly at the top level just by running around the initial outdoor grassy area – just watch those tree stumps which are not always what they seem (I fell for that gnollish trick in the original Everquest, too). Antonican Ficus and Gnoll bones of all types are also available here.

Commonland Shrub Leaves is comparatively trivial leaf collection as there is a safe spawn point around the druid ring which routinely awards them. It is a safe area for all as long as you do not wander too far from the standing stones.

Plain, spotted and striped beetles can be found in the Wailing Caves, a dungeon in the northeast of the Commonlands. The mobs start at level 14 and you can collect the sets at the top level. If the mobs are grey to you, it may be quicker to drop down to the very bottom. See the separate post covering Collections in the Wailing Caves.

Gnoll Ears and Gnoll Tails are collections from the Splitpaw Saga. There are three question marks in the Splitpaw Upper Tunnels leading down to the den of the Splitpaw gnolls. In addition, most instances will generally have a shiney or two inside. None of these respawn, so to complete these collections, you will need to keep changing instances to find more. The good news is that because they are instanced, you can reduce the level of the zone (down as low as 20) by mentoring a low level character and zoning into the instance to set the mob levels to your mentored level. Then unmentor and you will find you can explore the area in relative peace.


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