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Two new tradeskill collections were added with Game Update 51 bringing the total number to ten. Tradeskill collections are red shinies in specific zones which that are only visible to Master tradeskillers wearing the Earring of the Solstice, part of the tradeskill epic reward. Each collection rewards a one-of-a-kind furniture item.

The new locations are Zek and Lavastorm.

The red shinies are simply ?’s to be gathered, like the standard collections seen in adventure zones, except you must be wearing your Earring of the Solstice in order to see them and the shiny / glowy color around them is red.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options → Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.

The new collections are NO-TRADE and LORE, so you can’t sell them or hand them to other players. Domino has posted that the NO-TRADE tag was specifically added to these two collections and will not be retroactively applied to the other collections (which are LORE but tradeable). These come up as a standard lotto so you can take a friend in group and let her win the rolls for this collection. However, lotto only works in a very close range to the person harvesting, so this is exceedingly dangerous for low-level adventurers.

You don’t have to take collection items you don’t need – if you choose not to loot the item, the ? will fade in two minutes and a new one will appear in a separate location. However, if you are actively hunting for shinies it is faster to clear duplicates and then delete them out of your inventory.

You can use Gnomish Divining Rods (made by tinkers) to lead you to the location of a shiny near you although you can’t tell if the node is a standard one or a red tradeskill shiny; the tracking display simply shows a ?. However, as you need to have your Earring of the Solstice equipped for the red shinies to show up on the tracking window, you can check the ?’s that show up by unequipping the earring and seeing which ?’s disappear.

You will find these collections in your journal alphabetically under “Tradeskill:”, below the various Tome collections.

These two collections are somewhat difficult for tradeskillers who do not have the appropriate adventure level for the zone. After ten deaths, your equipment will break and you will not be able to see the red shinies until you repair the earring.


ZekThe Tradeskill: Deathfist Forge Scraps collection can be found in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. This is a tier four adventure zone which is reached via a bell on the Thundering Steppes dock. You will have to venture out of the docks area and into the Orc Encampment to find the shinies. This is a dangerous area but if you are patient and you stick to the paths, you can succesfully complete this quest on a character with a low adventure level. If you run through the wooden doors to the protected area, you should find the guards will help you with any overly friendly orcs you may have encountered in your travels. I was able to complete the quest on a low-level character in under an hour with only three deaths.

If you are happy traveling further north in the zone, you will find more red shinies scattered about the area up to approximately the middle of the zone. There do not appear to be red shinies in the northern half of Zek.

The collection requires six items to complete and the reward is a fully functional Blood Iron Forge which can be used to create the items from Deathfist Citadel recipes.


lavastorm The Tradeskill: Sootfoot Forge Scraps collection is based in Lavastorm.

This is a tier five adventure zone which is reached via a bell on the Nektulos Docks. In order to reach the initial area which contains red shinies, you will need to follow the docks to the beach and head north-east to go through the tunnel to the goblin area. DO NOT TURN LEFT AS YOU COME OFF THE BRIDGE – there are high level aggressive monsters there and no red question marks for harvesting. The route through the tunnel is safe but once you reach Najena’s Valley on the other side, you will have to beware of aggressive goblin workers. You can find the shinies scattered around this valley and in the Dagger Spire’s Pass area to the east. You can use the horse route between Najena and the Goblet of Ro to scout out the area looking for red shinies as you are safe as long as you stay on the mount. I did not see any red shinies north of Dagger Spire’s Pass.

If you’ve done the Far Seas Trader initial questline, you should speak to Purrla and do her tradeskill questline at the same time.

I found this collection to be very difficult on characters without high adventure levels. My pure-crafting character found it simplest to remain in Najena’s Valley and only harvest question marks during the day so that she could keep an eye on those treacherous goblins. Rule of thumb: if the goblins are on their own and wandering around, they are not aggro. If they are in groups, mining the rocks, they are.

The collection requires six items to complete and the reward is a fully functional Sootfoot Forge which can be used to create the Sootfoot Magma items from the recipe book quested in Lavastorm.


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