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Lavastorm was revamped in Guild Update 51 and traveling around the zone has become much simpler. However, it’s not completely straight-forward. You do still need to travel out to specific places to get the teleporter to work and not all of the horse routes are available from Najena.

There are 6 horse stations and four cogs in total in the zone and you will have to fight your way through to some of them unless mid-50s mobs are gray to you.

Lava Mounts

The Order of Flame has set up two horse routes, one covering central and east Lavastorm and the other servicing west Lavastorm. There are three stations on each route.

Najena is the initial station at -200,-130,365 and can be found by going through the tunnel on the beach. This station takes you to Goblet of Ro and Temple of Solusek Ro. Each station connects to all the other stations on the route and you do not have to have traveled previously to the locations in order to take a mount there.

The western horse route covers west Lavastorm and starts at Solusek Valley at the far exit of the Temple of Solusek Ro. There is a cog here as welll, so once you have been to this location you can return via the teleporter at the Shrine of Thunder on the docks.

The Valley of Solusek station at -163,0,-590 takes you to the Western Pass and Dragon’s Breath Tunnel. Each station travels to both other stations on the route and you do not have to have traveled to the locations in order to take a mount there.


There are four cogs spread out around the zone and you do not get access to use their teleporting abilities until you have walked over the cog and received the message “Your discovery of this relic has unlocked its powers.”

Lavastorm map with teleporting cogs marked

The starting cog is in the Shrine of Thunder at the docks at -125,-115,634. You must activate this cog the same as the others, so make sure to run over before you start your travels, otherwise you won’t be able to use the outer cogs to get back!

The cog for the Temple of Solusek Ro is at -334,2,-485 at the foot of the entrance ramp to the temple.

The cog for Solusek’s Valley in west Lavastorm is the northernmost cog located at -170,0,-594 at the far side of the temple, directly next to the second horse route.

The cog for Solusek’s Eye at -326,85,-186 is in front of the entrance to Solusek’s Eye zone. To access the area you will need to go to the western side of Lavastorm and through the Dragon’s Breath Tunnels. There are two cogs near the zone entrance – the one with the golden glowing circles is the teleporter. The other one does nothing no matter how much you jump up and down on it.


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