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This tradeskill instance is slightly different from the others but one thing remains the same: things are going wrong and you need to help! The portal connecting the Void to Norrath has been destroyed and tradeskillers are needed to pitch in and fix it.

As with all of the missions, you must have gained faction in Moors of Ykesha doing the Ship Out quest which is detailed in this Quick Start Guide for Crafting Missions. Once you have the faction you can speak to Madria Varas at -85,2,104 in the Village of Shin to find out the daily mission. The four missions (Firemyst Gully, the Shipyard Cove, the Clockwork Workshop and the Palace of the Ancient One) are on a cycle so you can only do the Palace mission every four days when she has it on offer.

See our Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction guide for more information on the missions in general and the Void Shard recipes gained as a result.

To reach the instance, you need to speak to Urdu at the Overlook in the Moors of Ykesha. You can reach him by taking a balloon from Firmroot Moot or simply purchase a mission globe for 6 gold on the Isle of Mara and you’ll be transported directly to him. If you have the Far Seas Mission, you will have the option to tell him that you wish to provide assistance at the Palace of the Ancient One. He will transport you to the mission instance.

Time is of the essence!

As you enter the zone, you’ll find an upset gnome begging you for help:

Keevan Togginscog tells you:

Just head down the steps to the right and take a look at the chaos … the raid is going badly, bodies everywhere, and no way out! We were working on building a portal down below, but we’d only just begun construction and a stray meteor destroyed everything! A portal is the only way out of this void-cursed place, and we were supposed to have it done by now. And any minute now the survivors who’ve been battling the void beasts inside are going to need to beat a hasty retreat through a portal that is currently nonexistent. Just take a look around the ground out here … I’m no expert, but I’d judge it’s not going well so far. So, no time to stand around talking, if you’re here to help then go and talk to the foreman down the steps, and get a move on!

Move further in to speak to Tomkin Cogsbottom who will ask you to help create the components needed to rebuild the portal device so that the raiders can escape back to the world of Norrath.

First, be sure to head towards the building area to pick up the quest Building a Better Portal. As with the other missions, it will ask you to create three components of your choice. You’ll find a scrap of paper with Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair at his feet alongside a tally of what needs to be made to complete the portal. Like the other missions, the creation is broken into 4 phases, with 3 of each component required per phase. You can take the quest and make multiple batches of components.

Once you have the quest, you should collect your ingredients from around the zone. Some cannot be harvested without the quest so make sure to do this first.


You will use void-warped coal for fuel which is harvested from rocky lumps which appear around the trees.

You’ll have to scavenge the bodies scattered around the zone in order to re-use their armor. There are four types:

  1. strips of previously worn cloth
  2. scavenged leather armor pieces
  3. metal armor scraps
  4. damaged jewelry


You can tell the harvest type by looking at the corpse. Mage and scout types have the leather and cloth, corpses in plate have armor scraps and jewelry. I just hope the raiders don’t come after us once they get rezzes and find all their stuff is gone!

Void residue is scooped from the void residue things moving around the zone. There’s what appears to be a rare item that you can get while scooping these: Essence of Void Residue which shapechanges caster into a void residue for 30 minutes – Unlimited Charges

Void-touched lumber is gained by right-clicking on the trees to take branches.

Horse Meat and Dire Bear Meat are scavenged from the mount corpses lying around the zone. Again, you can tell which type of meat by looking at the corpse.

You must have the quest Building a Better Portal in order to collect all the items. You can not harvest coal if you do not have the quest to create three items. In addition, although the void residue gives the correct message (“You scoop up a few handfuls of void residue”) it doesn’t actually update your inventory unless you have the quest active.

workstationHail the quest giver again to receive a stack of ten tinkered workstations which you can cast anywhere in the zone. I like the fact that you can pick your view. Multiple people can use the same workstation (although only the person who cast it can actually see it). The workstations last for 10 minutes. If you are mid-combine when it poofs, you are able to finish your combine but not start a new one.


Once you have the quest, you can create the items. Each crafter should focus on creating the components from his or her primary tradeskill and then from the same profession for optimum efficiency. You may wish to take a look at our 10 Tips for Optimizing Crafting Missions for other ways to speed things up.

Instance:The Palace of the Ancient One
Recipe Book: Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Arcane Carvings Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Beacon Components Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Construction Scaffolding Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Construction Tools Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Enchanted Beacon Stone Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Spell of Transportation Scribing Sage Scholar
Makeshift Cement Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Protective Void Potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Sturdy Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter


Once you have created the portal and collected your reward, you can use your creation to leave the instance.


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