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MMORPG Info Logo Tunare’s Blessing

When we last saw Paxmar, she was mourning the death of her good friend Ealaynya, who was murdered in broad daylight in the Temple of Life. Paxmar distracted herself with archeology work in the Sinking Sands until Frostfell at which point she returned home to Baubbleshire to visit with family.

She had a wonderful time but it wasn’t long before her yearning for new sights began to get the better of her again.


MMORPG Info Logo Tier Two Collections

The tier two collections are intriguing and frustrating, especially those spread out on the Norrathian overland zones. Prepare to be frustrated: these collections include some of the most time consuming to complete.


Don’t forget to make sure your Particle Level of Detail (Options -> Display -> Particle Effects) is set to maximum and that you have a copy of Ripchi’s Collection Tracking Sheet to hand. If your tradeskill level is 44 or higher, you may also wish to invest in the tinkered Gnomish Divining Rods which can be used to track the shinies within range of you if you get really stuck.

The level of the collection in your journal is not always consistent with the level needed to collect the items, so collection tiers here are defined by the tier of the zone in which they are found. Thus, although both the butterflies in the Qeynos newbie zones and the Antonican Ficus Leaf collection in Antonica are both marked as level 15 collections, I have sorted them by zone and I discuss butterflies in Tier One Collections and Antonican Ficus Leaves here in Tier Two Collections.

Tier Two Collections

  • Chipped and Scuffed Shards
  • Cracked Bone Fragments
  • Grubs
  • Forest Beetles
  • Erudin Coins
  • Antonican Ficus Leaves
  • Halas Coins
  • Commonlands Shrub Leaves
  • Beetles: Plain, spotted, striped
  • Gnoll Ears andTails

Collection Locations



MMORPG Info Logo Legends of Zork

The new Legends of Zork web-based game actually launched a few weeks ago but it seemed only fair to give them a chance to iron out the bugs and deal with issues like Action Points being used up for basic site navigation. Having spent some time playing the game in a stable state, I think it was more exciting with the bugs. The game as it stands is a disappointment.

The concept is simple: Legends of Zork is a persistent adventure game based on the original Zork text-based game. It’s a browser-based “casual RPG” developed by Jolt and meant to offer short spurts of gameplay offering MMO-type features. If you’ve ever played Kingdom of Loathing or the Tiny Adventures on Facebook, you’ll recognize the gameplay immediately.

Every day you receive 30 action points to spend on turns. You can use those point to explore a zone or to fight other players in the PvP arena or to return to base to heal up and sell up. You can get more action points (and thus more turns to play) with coconuts. Coconuts are purchased with cash or you can earn them by signing up for spam referral sites through Offerpal. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo More Red Shinies for Epic Crafters

Two new tradeskill collections were added with Game Update 51 bringing the total number to ten. Tradeskill collections are red shinies in specific zones which that are only visible to Master tradeskillers wearing the Earring of the Solstice, part of the tradeskill epic reward. Each collection rewards a one-of-a-kind furniture item.

The new locations are Zek and Lavastorm.

The red shinies are simply ?’s to be gathered, like the standard collections seen in adventure zones, except you must be wearing your Earring of the Solstice in order to see them and the shiny / glowy color around them is red.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options → Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.

The new collections are NO-TRADE and LORE, so you can’t sell them or hand them to other players. Domino has posted that the NO-TRADE tag was specifically added to these two collections and will not be retroactively applied to the other collections (which are LORE but tradeable). These come up as a standard lotto so you can take a friend in group and let her win the rolls for this collection. However, lotto only works in a very close range to the person harvesting, so this is exceedingly dangerous for low-level adventurers.

You don’t have to take collection items you don’t need – if you choose not to loot the item, the ? will fade in two minutes and a new one will appear in a separate location. However, if you are actively hunting for shinies it is faster to clear duplicates and then delete them out of your inventory. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Lavastorm Travel Routes

Lavastorm was revamped in Guild Update 51 and traveling around the zone has become much simpler. However, it’s not completely straight-forward. You do still need to travel out to specific places to get the teleporter to work and not all of the horse routes are available from Najena.

There are 6 horse stations and four cogs in total in the zone and you will have to fight your way through to some of them unless mid-50s mobs are gray to you.

Lava Mounts

The Order of Flame has set up two horse routes, one covering central and east Lavastorm and the other servicing west Lavastorm. There are three stations on each route.

Najena is the initial station at -200,-130,365 and can be found by going through the tunnel on the beach. This station takes you to Goblet of Ro and Temple of Solusek Ro. Each station connects to all the other stations on the route and you do not have to have traveled previously to the locations in order to take a mount there.

The western horse route covers west Lavastorm and starts at Solusek Valley at the far exit of the Temple of Solusek Ro. There is a cog here as welll, so once you have been to this location you can return via the teleporter at the Shrine of Thunder on the docks.

The Valley of Solusek station at -163,0,-590 takes you to the Western Pass and Dragon’s Breath Tunnel. Each station travels to both other stations on the route and you do not have to have traveled to the locations in order to take a mount there.


There are four cogs spread out around the zone and you do not get access to use their teleporting abilities until you have walked over the cog and received the message “Your discovery of this relic has unlocked its powers.”

Lavastorm map with teleporting cogs marked

The starting cog is in the Shrine of Thunder at the docks at -125,-115,634. You must activate this cog the same as the others, so make sure to run over before you start your travels, otherwise you won’t be able to use the outer cogs to get back!

The cog for the Temple of Solusek Ro is at -334,2,-485 at the foot of the entrance ramp to the temple.

The cog for Solusek’s Valley in west Lavastorm is the northernmost cog located at -170,0,-594 at the far side of the temple, directly next to the second horse route.

The cog for Solusek’s Eye at -326,85,-186 is in front of the entrance to Solusek’s Eye zone. To access the area you will need to go to the western side of Lavastorm and through the Dragon’s Breath Tunnels. There are two cogs near the zone entrance – the one with the golden glowing circles is the teleporter. The other one does nothing no matter how much you jump up and down on it.


MMORPG Info Logo New Tradeskill Mission in the Void

This tradeskill instance is slightly different from the others but one thing remains the same: things are going wrong and you need to help! The portal connecting the Void to Norrath has been destroyed and tradeskillers are needed to pitch in and fix it.

As with all of the missions, you must have gained faction in Moors of Ykesha doing the Ship Out quest which is detailed in this Quick Start Guide for Crafting Missions. Once you have the faction you can speak to Madria Varas at -85,2,104 in the Village of Shin to find out the daily mission. The four missions (Firemyst Gully, the Shipyard Cove, the Clockwork Workshop and the Palace of the Ancient One) are on a cycle so you can only do the Palace mission every four days when she has it on offer.

See our Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction guide for more information on the missions in general and the Void Shard recipes gained as a result.

To reach the instance, you need to speak to Urdu at the Overlook in the Moors of Ykesha. You can reach him by taking a balloon from Firmroot Moot or simply purchase a mission globe for 6 gold on the Isle of Mara and you’ll be transported directly to him. If you have the Far Seas Mission, you will have the option to tell him that you wish to provide assistance at the Palace of the Ancient One. He will transport you to the mission instance. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG

Mr Welch has been compiling a list of things he is no longer allowed to do when playing RPGs, to the great relief of various GMs who may find his playstyle … somewhat of a challenge to deal with.

Mr Welch has made rather a long list. A list so long that he had to post three times to get around LiveJournal truncating his list.

What’s astounding is how amusing the list is despite its extravagant length. Here are some favorites:

  1. Before facing the dragon, not allowed to glaze the elf.
  2. My bard does not get a bonus to perform if she is obviously not wearing anything under her tabard.
  3. Lingerie can only snap coincidentally so many times per day.
  4. Not allowed to try and make a dire version of any dog of the toy breeds.
  5. My character does not have the flaw Addiction: Helium.
  6. Female minotaurs do not have udders. This issue is closed.
  7. I cannot use the ventriloquism skill to convince the fighter his new sword is a magical talking one.
  8. I will not blow all my starting funds on hookers and booze.
  9. If I wake up to find black cloaked figures in my room, I will not immediately point them to the halflings’ room.
  10. German characters do not gets 4 racial bonus to intimidate French characters.
  11. Not allowed to use basic economics to crash the evil empire’s economy by spending all my swag there at once.
  12. Cannot make a plan that hinges on the villain first being allergic to peanuts.
  13. I will not miss the final epic battle just because I crit my seduction check.
  14. I cannot bet the powergamer he can’t field strip the grenade faster than me.
  15. No matter how much he pisses me off, I will not raise the barbarian’s dead mother-in-law.
  16. We will not gut every animal we kill to see if they have treasure inside like in video games.
  17. I can’t summon anything in MM4 just so I can take a bathroom break while the DM looks it up.
  18. When told to dress like a Goth I will make sure with no uncertainty whether they mean black clothes and eyeliner or chainmail and shield.

If you enjoy roleplaying games and want some amusing light reading, then head on over and read all of the 1275 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG.


MMORPG Info Logo Bristlebane’s Day Events

It is Bristlebane’s Day (Day of the Prankster)! Yesterday the live servers were been patched and the excitement has begun. Bristlebane’s Avatar can be found near the city zones and the initial quests and collection have been added.

The celebrations started yesterday and will run until the 9th of April, with some special events only available today, April the First.

Bristlebane’s Day events include five quests and a new collection!

The weird and truly rare collection pieces can be found in Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark. You only need to visit one of these zones to receive the full collection. The reward is “just a box” but if you have completed the Tin Metal Protection quest, take your box to Bristlebane’s avatar and he will bless the box for you as a special award for those who complete the collection during the event.

Also, keep an eye out for Gerald Gigglegibber who likes to help out – if you find yourself on the losing end of a spear, this goblin might just appear in time to get you back on your feet.

Kaitheel wrote:

Starting 3/31/2009 and running through 4/8/2009 (concluding on 4/9/2009) jesters, thieves, bards and fans of mischief are invited to enjoy the festivities that surround Bristlebane’s Day! You never know what laughs and pranks are to be found, during this enjoyable time of year. Celebrators are present in every home city, and the oddest of objects have been spotted in Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special events occurring only on the highest of silly days, 4/1/2009!

Enjoy the Grand Prankster’s Day, Norrath!

If you are looking to race right through the quests, EQ2i already has spoilers up for the Tin Metal Protection set of five quests (not repeatable if you completed this set last year) as well as for Ratical (only available on the 1st of April).

Do make sure to get out there today! This tantalizing hint was left on
EverQuest II Players:

Don’t forget that some of the fun is ONLY available on Bristlebane Day (4/1/09), whereas the rest of the celebrations span the entire week.

Make sure you do all the tasks set to you, and keep a close eye on the trickster! He’s got a special present this year that you don’t want to miss! It’s an “altering” experience!