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Game Update 51 has been greatly delayed as it was tied into the Great Fighter Revamp which has been withheld for more testing but today (Tuesday, 31st of March) the Lavastorm updates are finally going live!

What will we be getting? Well, just take a look at this Lavastorm Video while you wait for a chance to play.

Lavastorm Tradeskills!

* Upgraded recipes
* Bases for Guild Hall Trophies from your City Crafter Faction (Ironforge exchange, etc)
* New Tradeskill Mission and Far Seas Faction Rewards
* Two new red shiny collections
* Quested recipe book for new appearance armor

Lavastorm Solo Content

* Upgraded monster models
* Twenty new quests for levels 45-55
* Elemental horses for fast travel around the zone
* Faction quests for the Sootfoot goblins with purchased rewards including great new house items
* Seven new collection quests leading to final expert collection with a top-end reward
* High level quest line to stop the void creatures from invading, leading to access to the new 2-group raid zone.

Player Previews

EverQuest II – Elements of Corruption Tour

While we didn’t get a great deal of time to talk, I did learn that the 12 person raid zone is on the lower end as far as difficulty goes, allowing players to gather upgrades that are mid range between TSO raid gear and the current legendary void shard armor. The appearance of the templar / inquisitor set was very unique and it was easy to tell a lot of work went into the pieces. Some of the rewards (specifically the plushies) from quests were taken as suggestions from the player base, it’s always great to see the developers listening to the gamers through forums or other lines of communication.

EQ2 GU51 Lavastorm Tour

They also talked of three elemental lords that can be killed every day. They each drop a shard that can be used as currency to buy some new items being introduced in the content update.When questioned about the recently launched expansion, the developers said the feature they were most proud of was the new loot system. But they felt the raid and item progression wasn’t as polished as they would like and they are working on smoothing that out.

In addition, this patch marks the start of the celebrations for Bristlebane’s Day so be on the look-out for tricksters.


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