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The Automagical Table of Void Shard Armor just got better.

All of the Greater Shard Armor sets have been added. Sixes the Web Gnome has added in filters so that you can look at the Base armor or the Advanced armor separately or have them both on-screen together to allow you to explore the best upgrade path for your character.

All the Void Shard Armor information is there: each set is listed, including every armor piece with full stats, resists, bonus effects and shard costs for the crafted version. Greater Shard Armor requires the base piece of the relevant armor set as a part of the cost, so we’ve listed both the shard cost and the base armor shard cost for each piece – no hidden costs, no surprises. Note: the merchants in the Moors do sell these same items but at a premium! Find a tradeskiller to create your armor and save your Void shards.

The automagical gnomish scripting allows you to only see the pieces wearable by your class and you can toggle between the two sets or see them both on the same page together. And as a special treat, all the filtering effects work on Internet Explorer despite many gnomish mutterings about its contrary ways.

So if you’ve been worrying about spending your valuable Void Shards, we have the cure. Everything you ever wanted to know about the armor sets, collected in one handy-dandy spot.

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The Ultimate Definitive Reference for Void Shard Armor

Hurray for gnomes!

In addition, we have a quick reference guide to the Basic Void Shard Jewelry and Shard Infused Jewelry including set details.

(Tradeskillers: this table is particularly useful for telling clients what armor is available to them. If you want more information about crafting Void Shard Armor, take a look at our Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers)



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