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MMORPG Info fans already know Sixes, our handy-dandy Web gnome who has brought us exciting pages in the past including the fully sortable lists of Housing Locations and Transmuting Items and Adornments as well as the design of this site. Well, he’s been tinkering all night and the result is an awesome, automagical Base Shard Armor List.

He has taken all of the armor data that I’ve collected in the posts over the past week and he has put it all into a single web page with a class filter. So if you want to know what armor you can wear, simply look at the Base Shard Armor Page, select your class and you’ll get the stats immediately. This page is especially useful for crafters who have done the Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction as it allows you to quickly and easily tell clients what armor options they have available to them.

The table includes full stats and bonuses for every set as well as the cost, so you can plan your armor purchases quickly and easily.

If you are looking for general information about the Base Void Shard Armor, you can look at our introduction to Base Void Shard Armor. Tradeskillers who are interested in finding out more about crafting the armor should read our Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers.

You can also look at the posts listing Base Void Shard armor by type:

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