MMORPG Info Logo Quick Start Guide for Brewday

It’s officially Brewday in Norrath. This live event with four quests offering themed rewards will only last until March 19th so be sure not to miss it.

The Avatar of Below

You can enter the Bar of Brell from any of these locations but when you exit, you’ll be sent to the portal closest to your city of residence.

  • In front of the bridge to North Qeynos gate in Antonica at 64,-20,5
  • Near the West Freeport Gate in Commonlands at -1216,-81,55
  • At the Green Knoll in Greater Faydark at 582,45,16
  • On the Gorowyn Docks in Timorous Deep at 2360,7,1386
  • Next to the mailbox in Haven at -83,-67,-58

In the Bar of Brell you’ll find quests from Gilin Rockbreath, Rasel Alechaser and Snoogle Blitzed as well as plenty of fine ale and good company.

There’s an additional quest from the Avatar of Below in Antonica. You will find him wandering along the path which leads east from the North Qeynos Gate, past the fields.


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