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MMORPG Info Logo Game Update 51 – Lavastorm Update

Game Update 51 has been greatly delayed as it was tied into the Great Fighter Revamp which has been withheld for more testing but today (Tuesday, 31st of March) the Lavastorm updates are finally going live!

What will we be getting? Well, just take a look at this Lavastorm Video while you wait for a chance to play.

Lavastorm Tradeskills!

* Upgraded recipes
* Bases for Guild Hall Trophies from your City Crafter Faction (Ironforge exchange, etc)
* New Tradeskill Mission and Far Seas Faction Rewards
* Two new red shiny collections
* Quested recipe book for new appearance armor

Lavastorm Solo Content

* Upgraded monster models
* Twenty new quests for levels 45-55
* Elemental horses for fast travel around the zone
* Faction quests for the Sootfoot goblins with purchased rewards including great new house items
* Seven new collection quests leading to final expert collection with a top-end reward
* High level quest line to stop the void creatures from invading, leading to access to the new 2-group raid zone.

Player Previews

EverQuest II – Elements of Corruption Tour

While we didn’t get a great deal of time to talk, I did learn that the 12 person raid zone is on the lower end as far as difficulty goes, allowing players to gather upgrades that are mid range between TSO raid gear and the current legendary void shard armor. The appearance of the templar / inquisitor set was very unique and it was easy to tell a lot of work went into the pieces. Some of the rewards (specifically the plushies) from quests were taken as suggestions from the player base, it’s always great to see the developers listening to the gamers through forums or other lines of communication.

EQ2 GU51 Lavastorm Tour

They also talked of three elemental lords that can be killed every day. They each drop a shard that can be used as currency to buy some new items being introduced in the content update.When questioned about the recently launched expansion, the developers said the feature they were most proud of was the new loot system. But they felt the raid and item progression wasn’t as polished as they would like and they are working on smoothing that out.

In addition, this patch marks the start of the celebrations for Bristlebane’s Day so be on the look-out for tricksters.


MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Armor

News Flash:

The Automagical Table of Void Shard Armor just got better.

All of the Greater Shard Armor sets have been added. Sixes the Web Gnome has added in filters so that you can look at the Base armor or the Advanced armor separately or have them both on-screen together to allow you to explore the best upgrade path for your character.

All the Void Shard Armor information is there: each set is listed, including every armor piece with full stats, resists, bonus effects and shard costs for the crafted version. Greater Shard Armor requires the base piece of the relevant armor set as a part of the cost, so we’ve listed both the shard cost and the base armor shard cost for each piece – no hidden costs, no surprises. Note: the merchants in the Moors do sell these same items but at a premium! Find a tradeskiller to create your armor and save your Void shards.

The automagical gnomish scripting allows you to only see the pieces wearable by your class and you can toggle between the two sets or see them both on the same page together. And as a special treat, all the filtering effects work on Internet Explorer despite many gnomish mutterings about its contrary ways.

So if you’ve been worrying about spending your valuable Void Shards, we have the cure. Everything you ever wanted to know about the armor sets, collected in one handy-dandy spot.

Share the love and send out the link:

The Ultimate Definitive Reference for Void Shard Armor

Hurray for gnomes!

In addition, we have a quick reference guide to the Basic Void Shard Jewelry and Shard Infused Jewelry including set details.

(Tradeskillers: this table is particularly useful for telling clients what armor is available to them. If you want more information about crafting Void Shard Armor, take a look at our Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers)


MMORPG Info Logo Top Ten Mindlessly Violent Games

Some days I’m happy and cheerful and at peace with the world. Other days, I’m not. Some days I just want to flail wildly against the universe. Such losses of temper are generally not a good idea in an MMORPG, as there are, well, other players there. Thank goodness that there is a plethora of games offering mindless violence for those of us who are cheered up by seeing cartoon blood splatter across the screen.

I am a bit wimpy about serious blood and guts, so although all of these are gleefully gory, they are all stylised and focused on cartoon characters and stick figures. That said, here are my top ten games for relieving tension through mindless violence.

Caution: Cartoon Violence

stickman-madnessStickman Madness
An old-school first person shooter, this game is slow to load but fast to play. A brief introduction sets the scene and then it’s on: point and click to take part in the shoot-out in a diner, space bar to reload. This has been one of my favorites for years.

nanaca-crashNanaca Crash
Tired of those pesky pedistrians in the cycle lane? Then this is the game for you: simply choose the speed and angle with which to run over a trendy looking young man with your bicycle, to see how far you can send his body flying. Click the mouse when the Aerial ability is highlighted to hit him again. Bizarre but fun.

madmondayMad Monday
This arcade game looks like Frogger turned inside out. You are in control of a car driving down the freeway, on a mission to clear the roads. You can use your weapons or simply ram the other vehicles off the road. Strangely fulfilling.

urbansniperUrban Sniper
Get a target, head on out, shoot to kill. Yours is not to reason why – just do it. The controls are simple: getting the mark is not. Top tip: watch for someone who matches the description rather than just shooting wildly. Check your email for new missions or nasty notes of failure.

sheepcullSheep Cull
There are too many sheep and it’s up to you to sort it out. Grab your rifle and blast them away in this twitch game – just mind you don’t run out of bullets!

clubbyClubby the Seal
The hunted becomes the hunter in this surrealistic game of a baby seal focused on revenge against the Eskibobs. Move around using the arrow keys and press A to attack.

headlesshavocHeadless Havoc
You are the horseman and your quest is to decapitate all the villagers to keep your havoc bar full – the more that escape, the faster the bar dissipates. Extra points for a perfect swing so get chopping!

last-standThe Last Stand
You have a list of things to do: barricase yourself against the zombies, search for weapons, look for survivors. How long can you keep your brains protected?

killcrazyjayKill Crazy Jay
Crazy Jay the ninja is going to die and your job is to decide how. Not so much a game as interactive performance art but if you feel the need for visolence against stick figures, Kill Crazy Jay is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And last but certainly not least:

puppyDon’t Shoot the Puppy
This is the converse of the other games in my list: the point is to avoid violence and save the cute little pet. This game leads you into a sort of zen-like state: you achieve your goal by not twitching. Can you keep still long enough to avoid shooting the puppy?


MMORPG Info Logo The Definitive Void Shard Armor List

MMORPG Info fans already know Sixes, our handy-dandy Web gnome who has brought us exciting pages in the past including the fully sortable lists of Housing Locations and Transmuting Items and Adornments as well as the design of this site. Well, he’s been tinkering all night and the result is an awesome, automagical Base Shard Armor List.

He has taken all of the armor data that I’ve collected in the posts over the past week and he has put it all into a single web page with a class filter. So if you want to know what armor you can wear, simply look at the Base Shard Armor Page, select your class and you’ll get the stats immediately. This page is especially useful for crafters who have done the Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction as it allows you to quickly and easily tell clients what armor options they have available to them.

The table includes full stats and bonuses for every set as well as the cost, so you can plan your armor purchases quickly and easily.

If you are looking for general information about the Base Void Shard Armor, you can look at our introduction to Base Void Shard Armor. Tradeskillers who are interested in finding out more about crafting the armor should read our Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers.

You can also look at the posts listing Base Void Shard armor by type:

Be sure to stay tuned for the advanced armor sets or subscribe to our feed if you want to be notified of each new post.


MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Armor: Plate

All of Norrath is talking about the striking new armor which can be bought from the Void Shard rewards of the Shadow Odyssey missions.

Fighters and priests may have a reputation of being frugal but the bold colors of these new plate designs might cause those Shards to burn a hole in your pocket. Luckily, the advanced Void Shard armor is created using the base pieces – that is, an advanced chestplate requires the matching base chestplate in addition to the Void Shard cost – so there’s no need to put off buying the complete base set while you save up for the rest!

Note: prices given are for crafted Void Shard armor. You will require more Void Shards if you purchase the items from the Quellthulian merchants.

There are four sets of plate armor:

  • Heroic Steel for Berserkers and Guardians
  • Pious Steel for Inquisitors and Templars
  • Zealot’s Steel for Paladins and Shadowknights
  • Ground Granite (generic plate) for Beserkers, Guardians, Inquisitors, Paladins, Shadowknights and Templars

Heroic Steel

Warriors will be fighting to be the first to be seen in the polished azure colors of Heroic Steel, the taunt of the town.

  • Wearing two pieces from the set offers +10 sta
  • Wearing three pieces from the set Applies Greater Enraging Presence
  • Wearing five pieces from the set gives +5 Mitigation Increase



MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Armor: Chain

The Shadow Odyssey has brought Void Shard armor sets to Norrath, exciting new looks that has the fashion world on edge. Chain armor can be so much more than a links of metal, as these stunning new collections prove.

It may be tempting to save up for the advanced pieces but once you see the bright colors and intricate designs of this season’s basic wear, you’ll want to be seen in the new outfits right away. The advanced Void Shard armor is created using the base pieces- that is, an advanced chestplate requires the matching base chestplate in addition to the Void Shard cost.

Note: prices given are for crafted Void Shard armor. You will require more Void Shards if you purchase the items from the Quellthulian merchants.

There are five sets of chain armor:

  • Fearless Chain for Brigands and Swashbucklers
  • Lyrical Chain for Dirges and Troubadours
  • Marauder’s Chain for Assassins and Rangers
  • Spiritual Chain for Defilers and Mystics
  • Sacred Spirit, generic chain which can be worn by all Scouts as well as Berserkers, Defilers, Guardians, Inquisitors, Mystics, Paladins, Shadowknights and Templars

Fearless Chain

This rich new look of Fearless Chain is a stab in the back for the fashion world as the gorgeous gold overlay is limited to Rogues only.

  • Wearing two pieces from the set offers +10 str
  • Wearing three pieces from the set applies Deathly Lifetap
  • Wearing five pieces from the set applies Misstep



MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Armor: Leather

The new Void Shard armor from the Shadow Odyssey is all the rage this season and no surprise! This season you’ll find bright colors matched with subdued neutrals combined with different weights of fabric offering appropriate clothing for every occasion. The leather gear – firm yet supple – comes in various looks to suit both hefty bruisers and light-weight tree huggers.

There are two sets of armor: base armor and advanced armor. The advanced pieces are created using the base armor – that is, an advanced chestplate requires the matching base chestplate in addition to the Void Shard cost. As a result, it may be worthwhile to purchase base armor pieces as you can afford them rather than waiting to “save up” for your advanced pieces. You will need the base armor anyway so you may as well gain the immediate benefits if they are an upgrade.

Note: prices given are for crafted Void Shard Armor. You will require more Void Shards if you purchase the items from the Quellthulian merchants.

There are three sets of leather armor:

  • Combatant’s Double Weave for Bruisers and Monks
  • Feral Hide for Wardens and Furies
  • Wasted Wilderness which is generic leather and thus can be worn by all Fighters, Scouts and Priests.



MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Armor: Cloth

The Shadow Odyssey missions reward groups with Void Shards which are used to upgrade armor, jewelry and hand-held items.

There are two sets of armor: base armor and advanced armor. The advanced pieces are created using the base armor – that is, an advanced chestplate requires the matching base chestplate in addition to the Void Shard cost. As a result, it may be worthwhile to purchase base armor pieces as you can afford them rather than waiting to “save up” for your advanced pieces. You will need the base armor anyway so you may as well gain the immediate benefits if they are an upgrade.

The base armor for magicians are all class based so there are only three sets:

  • Enthralling Silk for Coercer, Illusionist
  • Scintillating Silk for Warlock, Wizard
  • Silk of Summoning for Conjuror, Necromancer



MMORPG Info Logo Quick Start Guide for Brewday

It’s officially Brewday in Norrath. This live event with four quests offering themed rewards will only last until March 19th so be sure not to miss it.

The Avatar of Below

You can enter the Bar of Brell from any of these locations but when you exit, you’ll be sent to the portal closest to your city of residence.

  • In front of the bridge to North Qeynos gate in Antonica at 64,-20,5
  • Near the West Freeport Gate in Commonlands at -1216,-81,55
  • At the Green Knoll in Greater Faydark at 582,45,16
  • On the Gorowyn Docks in Timorous Deep at 2360,7,1386
  • Next to the mailbox in Haven at -83,-67,-58

In the Bar of Brell you’ll find quests from Gilin Rockbreath, Rasel Alechaser and Snoogle Blitzed as well as plenty of fine ale and good company.

There’s an additional quest from the Avatar of Below in Antonica. You will find him wandering along the path which leads east from the North Qeynos Gate, past the fields.


MMORPG Info Logo Basic Void Shard Jewelry

The Shadow Odyssey missions have Void Shards as rewards which can be used to upgrade your gear, including jewelry. There are two sets of jewelry. The basic jewelry comes in sets of four or five pieces but do not include a bonus for wearing multiple pieces from the same set. The Void Shard Infused Jewelry are much more expensive and have bonuses for wearing three pieces of the same type.

Crafted Void Shard Jewelry is contained in recipe book Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 2. The items can be inspected at a mysterious Quellthulian Shard Jewelry Merchant at 1681,452,897. Each basic jewelry item costs 4 Void Shards if crafted, 5 Void Shards from the merchant.

Tradeskillers should take a look at our full set of resources for Far Seas Tradeskill Missions to find out more about crafting Void Shard armor and jewelry.

The basic jewelry sets are as follows: