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Far Seas SnapshotsGroup up with your friends and craft together towards a common goal with the Far Seas Trading Company crafting missions. These daily missions, optimised towards crafter groups representing all three professions, require The Shadow Odyssey expansion and you’ll need to be at least tradeskill level 50. You can earn faction and tokens to buy outfits, mounts and recipe scrolls. The missions end with a treasure chest which drop Void Shard recipe books, jewelry with tradeskill bonuses and even a rolling pin!

We’ve been putting together guides with all the information you need to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Far Seas Trading Company and here they are, collected in a single post for you to quickly find the information you need.

Quick Start Guide for Crafting Missions

A quick and simple step-by-step guide to the initial questline, helping you to get faction fast in order to take part in the missions. You must have the Moors of Ykesha expansion to do the Far Seas Crafting Missions.

Tradeskill Missions Made Easy

Everything you wanted to know about Far Seas tradeskill missions but were afraid to ask: Where to go, who to speak to, where the missions are. If you are just starting out and not sure what to do, this introduction is for you.

New Tradeskill Mission in the Void

This tradeskill instance is slightly different from the others but one thing remains the same: things are going wrong and you need to help! The portal connecting the Void to Norrath has been destroyed and tradeskillers are needed to pitch in and fix it.

10 Tips for Optimizing Crafting Missions

Treasure chest drops are optimized for missions completed in under an hour but it’s not always possible to get together with a strong group of tradefolk to work together. Luckily, these missions can still be completed even if you are missing professions. You can even do them solo if you just can’t seem to find anyone to join you and you are willing to put in extra time.

Far Seas Mission Recipes

A quick reference guide of the entire set of mission recipes by class and profession so that you can quickly see which recipes you will have the most success with (theoretically).

Far Seas Faction Merchant

You receive Far Seas Trading Company Tokens as a reward for completing missions. The Far Seas Merchant will gladly accept these tokens in return for one-of-a-kind merchandise – if you have the faction. This is a list of all the goods he has on offer.

Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers

Adventurers receive Void Shards for their mission rewards. The tradeskill missions have recipe books that have a 50% chance of dropping from the final chest of the mission instance. These recipe books are not the same as the faction recipes for sale by the Far Seas Faction Merchant, they are recipes crafted using Void Shards. Here are the basics of what you need to know in order to fulfil orders for adventurers.



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