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The Far Seas Tradeskill Missions involve creating nine different items in sets of twelve. Each of these items is from a different tradeskill class.

The most efficient route is to take the quest and create the twelve items requiring your primary skill. When you hand in the quest, you will receive credit for all twelve items at once.

Once everyone in the group has created their primary items, you should focus on creating items coming from your profession (Craftsman, Outfitter or Scholar). Each crafting skill is capped but the cap for those skills in your own profession is higher than that of the other professions. You can also purchase a Cloak of the Far Seas for your profession from the Far Seas Faction Merchant once you have 30,000 faction, further improving your abilities within your profession.

Here is the entire set of mission recipes by class so that you can quickly see which recipes you will have the most success with (theoretically).

Instance: Firemyst Gully: Supply Shortage
Recipe Book: Standard Equipment Specifications Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Dwarven Armor Repair Kit Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Hardened Battle Bread Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Heavy Shield Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Dwarven Platemail Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Sturdy Supply Pack Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Dwarven Battle Axe Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Combat Art Upgrade Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Traditional Kaladim Jewelry Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Healing Spell Upgrade Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Clockwork Workshop
Recipe Book: Building a Better Clockwork

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Wire Gizmo Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Lubricating Grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Gear Lever Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Metal Cladding Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Pully Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Metal Blade Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Electroconductive Fluid Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Pulley Mechanism Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Control Instruction Scroll Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Shipyard Cove
Recipe Book: Far Seas Shipbuilding Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
cabin furnishing Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
waterproof sealing grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
fitted planks Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
armored plates Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
sturdy tarpaulin Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
defensive armament Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
waterproofing potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
intricate pully Artificing Jeweler Scholar
navigation chart Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance:The Palace of the Ancient One
Recipe Book: Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Arcane Carvings Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Beacon Components Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Construction Scaffolding Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Construction Tools Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Enchanted Beacon Stone Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Spell of Transportation Scribing Sage Scholar
Makeshift Cement Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Protective Void Potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Sturdy Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter


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