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Game Update 51 has been delayed so the patch has gone live but with a whimper rather than a roar, as a large component of it – major changes to Fighters and Aggro – has been deferred.

EverQuest II Players – Producer’s Letter

With that in mind, we’re going to postpone releasing these changes to the live servers, while we continue to evaluate the feedback that you are giving us. We truly appreciate all of the data that you provide, and most particularly from those who have joined the excellent folks on the Test server in running through these changes, both on their own, and in conjunction with the devs.

The revamp of Lavastorm is expected to be included in the upcoming Game Update next month but in the meantime we have a bit of a preview:

EverQuest II Players – News – Article 2057

The original quests will remain! Nothing is being removed. New things are being added though, and we’ll be showcasing them in the coming weeks.

There will be:

  • A new x2 dungeon
  • New solo content for high level adventurers
  • A new x4 raid zone
  • A new crafting zone

The Erollisi events won’t go live until the 10th of February. So what’s left?

You can see the Update Notes on the forums but the majority of the changes are minor.

The big news is that the HEIRLOOM tag has been added. This means that a number of no-trade items, including Void Shards and Far Seas Tokens, will become tradeable within an account via the shared bank. To start, the following items are considered heirlooms:

However, EQ2Wire says that the HEIRLOOM tag is not quite working as expected:

The following characteristics have been discovered:

  • Pulling the completed items out of the Shared Bank will not update the quest. You must delete and reacquire the quest “The Proof in the Pudding”.
  • Turning in the quest “The Proof in the Pudding” will consume ANY update items from your personal bags AND the Shared Bank. So if you created more than 1 of each item in the hopes of updating the quest for multiple characters, they will be ALL used up by the first person turning in the quest if these items are in your Shared Bank.

Solution for now:

  • Make sure there is only 1 set of update items in Shared Bank.
  • Log in the character that needs to turn in the quest.
  • Delete and re-acquire the quest.
  • Turn in the quest, making sure that there are no other update items in the Shared Bank.


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