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MMORPG Info Logo Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction

Far Seas SnapshotsGroup up with your friends and craft together towards a common goal with the Far Seas Trading Company crafting missions. These daily missions, optimised towards crafter groups representing all three professions, require The Shadow Odyssey expansion and you’ll need to be at least tradeskill level 50. You can earn faction and tokens to buy outfits, mounts and recipe scrolls. The missions end with a treasure chest which drop Void Shard recipe books, jewelry with tradeskill bonuses and even a rolling pin!

We’ve been putting together guides with all the information you need to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Far Seas Trading Company and here they are, collected in a single post for you to quickly find the information you need.



MMORPG Info Logo Void Shard Guide for Tradeskillers

Adventurers have daily missions available to them in new dungeons and these missions have Void Shards as rewards. The Void Shards can be used to purchase armor and jewelry from merchants in the Moors of Ykesha but there’s a cheaper way.

Far Seas Tradeskill Missions have recipe books that have a chance of dropping from the final chest of the mission instance. These recipe books are not the same as the faction recipes for sale by the Far Seas Faction Merchant. The books are scribable by all tradeskill classes at tradeskill level 70 and offer level 79 recipes to craft the adventurer items using fewer Void Shards. Thus, there is a great incentive for adventurers to have their items crafted rather than to purchase them from the merchants.

A warning from the Denmother:

You must finish these items to pristine in order to receive the items. You must finish them to at least crude to have the void shards returned (and the base armor, when making greater pieces). If you cancel before the completion of the crude progress bar you will lose your void shards! Don’t cancel before you hit crude, even if you find out you’re making the wrong item for the customer. Finish the crude bar, then cancel, if you have to stop the creation process, or you will lose the customer’s void shards and have a VERY unhappy customer on your hands.

The Base Void Shard Armor and all Void Shard Jewelry is crafted using T8 harvests and Void Shards.

The Advanced Void Shard Armor requires the appropriate Base Void Shard Armor as well as additional Void Shards. The base Void Shard Armor must be unequipped in order to commission the items.

Crafted Base Void Shard Armor

Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 1 contains the base armor sets. The crafted armor pieces use one fewer Void Shard than the purchased versions. The items can be inspected at a mysterious Quellthulian Shard Armor Merchant at 1683,452,894 at the Dropship Landing area of the Moors of Ykesha.



MMORPG Info Logo Dragonica

I’ve been sent some information about a new free-to-play MMO coming out this spring called Dragonica. I’ve become a serious convert to free-to-play games in the past year and this one looks like it could be fun with fast action and fun anime-style graphics. And did I mention, free? [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Far Seas Mission Recipes

The Far Seas Tradeskill Missions involve creating nine different items in sets of twelve. Each of these items is from a different tradeskill class.

The most efficient route is to take the quest and create the twelve items requiring your primary skill. When you hand in the quest, you will receive credit for all twelve items at once.

Once everyone in the group has created their primary items, you should focus on creating items coming from your profession (Craftsman, Outfitter or Scholar). Each crafting skill is capped but the cap for those skills in your own profession is higher than that of the other professions. You can also purchase a Cloak of the Far Seas for your profession from the Far Seas Faction Merchant once you have 30,000 faction, further improving your abilities within your profession.

Here is the entire set of mission recipes by class so that you can quickly see which recipes you will have the most success with (theoretically).

Instance: Firemyst Gully: Supply Shortage
Recipe Book: Standard Equipment Specifications Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Dwarven Armor Repair Kit Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Hardened Battle Bread Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Heavy Shield Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Dwarven Platemail Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Sturdy Supply Pack Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Dwarven Battle Axe Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Combat Art Upgrade Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Traditional Kaladim Jewelry Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Healing Spell Upgrade Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Clockwork Workshop
Recipe Book: Building a Better Clockwork

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Wire Gizmo Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Lubricating Grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Gear Lever Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Metal Cladding Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Pully Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Metal Blade Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Electroconductive Fluid Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Pulley Mechanism Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Control Instruction Scroll Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Shipyard Cove
Recipe Book: Far Seas Shipbuilding Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
cabin furnishing Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
waterproof sealing grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
fitted planks Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
armored plates Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
sturdy tarpaulin Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
defensive armament Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
waterproofing potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
intricate pully Artificing Jeweler Scholar
navigation chart Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance:The Palace of the Ancient One
Recipe Book: Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Arcane Carvings Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Beacon Components Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Construction Scaffolding Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Construction Tools Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Enchanted Beacon Stone Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Spell of Transportation Scribing Sage Scholar
Makeshift Cement Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Protective Void Potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Sturdy Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter


MMORPG Info Logo 10 Tips for Optimizing Crafting Missions

The Far Seas Tradeskill Missions are aimed at groups and they are easier if you have all three professions represented – Craftsman, Outfitter and Scholar – not to mention a lot more fun.

However, it’s not always possible to get together with a strong group of tradefolk to work together. Luckily, these missions can still be completed even if you are missing professions. You can even do them solo if you just can’t seem to find anyone to join you and you are willing to put in extra time.

The Clockwork WorkshopThere is no set time-limit for the combines and you can zone in and out of the instance for 24 hours so you don’t have to do it in a single playing session. However, it will take 2-3 hours to complete a mission on your own so this is not recommended unless you have a lot of spare time and really can’t wait to meet up with other crafters!

Focusing your character on tradeskilling with the items and tactics below will be generally helpful for mission crafting but they are especially useful if you are trying to make your way through with missing professions.

10 Tips to Optimize Your TSO Crafting:



MMORPG Info Logo Evolutionary Game Theory

Happy Birthday, Darwin!

200 years old, today. Well, if he were still alive, of course.

In honour of his birthday, here are some silly games I found on the web for you to enjoy – all with a Darwinian theme.

Flow in Games – at least that’s what I think it’s called. Anyway, it’s a very soothing and beautiful little flash game where you have to eat and evolve.

Evolution Squared – similar idea, except this time you’re a black cartoon square with a lot of teeth! Eat, evolve, move up.

Who Wants To Live A Million Years? – a quick little game on the Science Channel featuring a mumbling and rather gruff Darwin. Primarily a teaching tool, it’s still quite entertaining.

Skeleton Jigsaws – reconstruct your own fossils on the BBC site. Levels suitable for all ages.

Devolve Me – not so much a game as a chance to see what you’d have looked like if you lived a few million years ago. Upload your photo to this Open University site and devolve…

In between games, you can discover the facts on The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online.


MMORPG Info Logo Erollisi Day

Erollisi Day has come to Norrath. For one week (10-17 February) there will be special quests and celebrations on every server to celebrate the Goddess of Love. The coin of the realm is Love Loot, which drops off of mobs all over Norrath and can be traded in as well as used for crafting.

Holiday Merchants are waiting in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport with a lovely selection of goods for the romantic Norrathian including the recipe book Romantic Gifts to Craft which allow you to craft new items using the love notes and candies dropping during the week. Conversely, you can hand in the items for coins to use at the Holiday Merchants to buy exciting new items.

Check out the screenshots on the official Erollisi Day Preview or take a look at EQ2 Traders Corner where you’ll find details of the crafted goods – along with a lovely short story of Valentine’s gifts.

Looking for things to do? Old and new events will be live on the server for one week with rewards not generally available.

Stinky Sideswiper (Commonlands near the West Freeport Gate) and Goldie Hammerfall (Antonica) have returned with their race to find the most hearts for the annual Hearts a’Flutter contest.. Set your Particle Quality to high and put your legendary boots on to win fantasic flowery prizes.

Dalron Pinot, who has been seen in both East Freeport and North Qeynos, has a new set of chat-up lines for you to test for him practice with!

There is an extended quest linewhich begins in Antonica (for good-aligned characters) and the Commonlands (for evil misunderstood citizens of the not-so-good cities) wtih fun for everyone. Speak to one of the Swornlove twins in the relevant location to get the initial quest Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch! and then move on to Costal Grove in Antonica (both factions) to carry on the sequence and get some wonderful new items for your house and your person.

A list of the Coastal Grove quests from Kaitheel on the Official Forums:

Bouquet of Trust -good aligned quest offered by Aaronolis Swornlove in Coastal Grove in Antonica.
Bouquet of Thorny Trust -evil aligned quest offered by Landax Z’Torzin in Coastal Grove in Antonica.
Harts Full of Trust -quest offered by Aaronolis Swornlove in Coastal Grove in Antonica.
Sacrificial Trust -quest offered by Aaronolis Swornlove in Coastal Grove in Antonica.
Seeking Love’s Fate Through Valor -good aligned quest offered by Sister Katey Dalwynn in Coastal Grove in Antonica.
Seeking Love’s Fate in the City of Hate -evil aligned quest offered by Sister Katey Dalwynn in Coastal Grove in Antonica.


MMORPG Info Logo Heirloom Items and Upcoming Patches for EQ2

Game Update 51 has been delayed so the patch has gone live but with a whimper rather than a roar, as a large component of it – major changes to Fighters and Aggro – has been deferred.

EverQuest II Players – Producer’s Letter

With that in mind, we’re going to postpone releasing these changes to the live servers, while we continue to evaluate the feedback that you are giving us. We truly appreciate all of the data that you provide, and most particularly from those who have joined the excellent folks on the Test server in running through these changes, both on their own, and in conjunction with the devs.

The revamp of Lavastorm is expected to be included in the upcoming Game Update next month but in the meantime we have a bit of a preview: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Geeky Gifts for your Gamer Valentine

It isn’t long until Valentine’s! What are you going to get for that special someone in your life? I always struggle to find something that stands out: the traditional gifts can seem somewhat nondescript: chocolate and flowers again? It can be hard to make an impression on a holiday which has been Hallmarked to within an inch of its life.

But there are lots of quirky Valentine’s gifts out there. Here’s a list of gamer presents for that special someone that combines the romance of the season with a special geekiness that says: I picked this out especially for you. [More…]