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It’s probably fairly obvious by nowthat I have a soft-spot for quick and easy browser-based games. One of the benefits of these is the variety. There’s no need for a big budget and so a much lower barrier to entry than most games – leading to some interesting and innovative games by new designers.

Here’s a rather different top ten: bizarre browser games. This collection celebrates the weird and wonderful mishmash of games available on the Web – all of these are “off the beaten track” but also very playable and surprisingly addictive.


makibishiMakibishi is a mouse-based puzzle game where you have to think outside of the box to make sense of the clues.

After a somewhat bizarre intro, you can click on the red parasol to move into a cityscape where your goal is to find the five dummy dolls (pictured on The Bingo Map). Watch your mouse pointer to change to show you what you can interact with. Click on the … er, people … for clues and other items to change the world. The Bingo Map shows you the bad guys: dummy dolls that you need to find. Don’t give up too quickly, once you explore around the area and begin to see how the puzzles work, it begins to make some semblance of sense. Kind Of.

Note: The initial “broken television” intro screen seems to be lasting for a long time at the moment. The game will load, but you have to be patient. Hopefully this is a temporary issue.

Good Night!

Go to bed! good-night
Good night!
is an odd little puzzle game where your goal is to find coloured dots. Click around the area and look for spots that match the colors in the row above the image. Once you have found all four red dots, you can enter the red picture frame. Putting the picture into the frame opens up the next room on the left. And so it goes until you open the yellow picture frame to find the key for the rabbit.

Dolphin Olympics 2

do2In Dolphin Olympics 2 you play a dolphin with exactly two minutes to impress the world with your swimming antics. Use the arrow keys to accelerate, roll and turn to score as many points as possible before your time is up. You can flip right up into space – what more could an aspiring dolphin want! Just don’t belly flop on your way back down.

Fishing Girl

fishing girlFishing Girl is exactly what it says: you are a girl and you need to fish. This game is oddly soothing as you toss in your line to catch the fish. Catch the most valuable fish in order to upgrade your rod and lures until you can get to the other side and save a lost soul.

boobahBoohbah Zone

The Boohbah Zone is based on a kid’s show by the same people who designed Teletubbies … and it shows. Bright colors and blob-like beings wait for you to interact with them and squeak with delight as you do. The minigames involve clicking objects with your mouse to see what psychedelic results you can achieve. Spinning rainbows and funky music will soon have you wondering what drugs the developers were taking as they designed this bizarre game. Warning: may cause your brain to melt.

The Majesty of Colors

majestyFall in love with the majesty of colors. As an underwater tentacle, you interact with the world by holding down the mouse to reach for things and releasing the mouse button to let go. This simple puzzle game has five different endings.


To-SutaTo-Suta is a fast paced action game where you play a toaster shooting, er, things, with your rainbow lasers and navigating through with your arrow keys. Who needs drugs with games like this?

Samarost 1

samorostSamorost 1 is an adventure puzzle game where you are trying to help spaceships avoid a head-on collision. Start the sequence by clicking on the lighthouse and then solve the puzzles to save the day.


funwariTo succeed at Funwari is simple: Raise the marshmallow into the sky, don’t touch the other objects. Not recommended for people who suffer from seasickness. Make it to level 2 for funky marshmallow music!



There is food falling from the sky and you have to catch it – but only if the color is right. Hatch is an action game where you need to change your body color to match the food before catching it to gain the most points. After five levels of color-shifting mayhem, you can hatch your egg and see what result you got. More eat!

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

5-minFive Minutes to Kill (Yourself) is a puzzle game where you have five minutes in which to avoid yet another meeting – by killing yourself. Use the arrow keys to move around and the space key to interact with people and items. Watch for green arrows to help you on your way.


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