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Exotic Dishes of Kunark

The exotic dishes of Kunark are quite the rage in Qeynos: the salty and tangy flavors of these foreign dishes transporting the adventurer back to the wild lands to relive the excitement of travel, the sound of the waves crashing and the wafting scent of succulent petals.

You can get Succulent Brutemarrow Infusion and Spiced Hornet Legs on every street corner but the most divine seafood cuisine of the Sathirians is still not available in the city: the refreshingly sharp-flavored Magma Fish dishes.

Magma Fish ReductionMagma Fish Reduction, tender fish fried quickly with smoldering material to make a spicy and succulent morsel, brings a warmth to the body and soul so focused, it’s as if you have an aura of heat around you.

Fiery Magma InfusionFiery Magma Infusion, a simple broth which is traditionally drunk like a hot tea, wakes up the mind and enhances perception, so much so that adventurers swear they are able to do more damage while the infusion digests.

Although common folk complain that they feel hungry again half an hour after eating, gastronomy tours have been sold out with connoisseurs captivated by the exciting flavors and the feeling of well-being associated with this uncommon fish, even if for only a short while. Adventurers swear on a small meal of Fiery Magma Reduction followed by a swift shot of Fiery Infusion for the ultimate fighting experience.

In Search of a Recipe

We traveled to Jarsath Wastes to find out the history of this dish and whether it was possible to recreate it at home.

Our journey started in Danak Shipyard where we spoke to the Quarter Master, Eviss Ryiss. He said that there had been a recent translation of the classic recipe book, Sathirian Magma Recipes, and he was more than happy to sell it to friends (amiable faction with Danak Shipyard) for just under 11 gold. The book contains detailed instructions for both the reduction and the infusion but although the ingredients seem basic, the recipes are not and should only be attempted by for skilled provisioners.

The interesting thing about these recipes is that they use an ingredient not used in any other tradeskill recipe and which were not available on the Sathirian market. The recipes require:


  1. Magma Fish
  2. Smoldering Material
  3. Redwood Kindle

Smoldering Material are an uncommon harvest from T8 nodes with the unfortunate exception of fishing nodes. Magma Fish are found in special fishing nodes in Skyfire (the northeast area of Jarsath Wastes) and you must be wielding a Collapsible Fishing Pole in order to see the little fish, hiding out in the lava craters. You do not have to be a provisioner to catch the fish.

Magma Fishing

Collapsible Fishing PoleIn order to find the elusive Magma Fish, you will need to get your hands on a Collapsible Fishing Pole.

The fishing rod’s description only gives a hint as to its function:

This sturdy metal fishing pole looks as if it could withstand great temperatures to catch unusually dangerous fish.

The Collapsible Fishing Pole is tinker-made and requires five incarnadine clusters to make (three are returned on a successful combine). The rod is tradeable until it is attuned so you may be able to purchase one directly from the broker. If not, you will need a tinker with skill level 395 to create it for you.

nodeThe resulting rod requires level 80 to equip but this can be either adventurer or tradeskill. Even with the fishing rod, you will need to be a fairly adept fisherman to collect the fish, even with the 35 skill bonus achieved by equipping the the rod. You do not need to have maxed the skill but it certainly needs to be close. In addition to the skill bonus, equipping the rod reduces your harvest time by 2.5 seconds and gives you the ability to see the molten schools of fish in the lava.

Note for pure tradeskillers: Although there is no minimum adventure level required to equip the fishing rod, the nodes are only to be found in the Skyfire area of Jarsath Wastes which is exceedingly dangerous to reach as a low-level explorer. Assuming you manage to survive the journey, you will find that your options are limited due to the lava damage and the magmatic destroyers who hide in the lava ready to melt down the unwary.

heat-resist-cloakNow that you have your fishing pole, you should be looking to get your heat resists increased in order to maximise the time you can spend in the lava. Use our list of easy to get heat resist gear to give you a helping hand.

BEWARE! Many of the lava pools which hold the molten schools of fish are also the home of magmatic destroyers. They hide invisibly within the pools and emerge when an unwary adventurer touches the lava. However, once you have vanquished the destroyer from his pool, you will find the area safe from others for 20 minutes, in which time you can catch your fish in peace. Also, you can find molten schools in the lava canal near the Sel Nok camp which is not deep enough to hide the magmatic destroyers.

One you have caught your Magma Fish and collected smoldering material (no trivial task in itself), you have everything you need to try these delectable Sathirian dishes.

Bon Appétit!


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