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The continuing adventures of Paxmar, the furious pacifist. She’s level 25 now and has finally written more in her diary, backtracking to Game Update 48. Maybe if she had a laptop, she’d update more often!

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I haven’t written much recently but in dark times I find it difficult to commit words to paper and I’ve seen some very dark times recently. I suppose I should just write it out and get it over with. The Seeress, my good friend Ealaynya, was murdered. When I heard the news, I rushed straight to the Temple of Life, hoping against hope that it wasn’t true. Her body had been left lying where it fell. The sight of her mortal shell rotting shocked me to the core and the scent will haunt me forever… I feel as if I shall never inhale clean air again. I left the Temple and resolved to leave Qeynos, in hopes of ridding myself of the memories haunting every corner of the city.

I made my way to Qeynos Harbor where a gnome was recruiting workers for the Dedicated Individuals Recovering Technology of Yesteryear. To be honest, I didn’t much care where I went as long as it was far away, so I agreed and found myself en route to the Desert of Flames via a magic carpet! That shocked me out of mourning, as you can imagine. I realized that Ealaynya would be disappointed in my moping around doing nothing and I resolved to work hard for my new employers.

Digging up Relics in Sinking SandsAnd there certainly was plenty to do. D.I.R.T.Y. had a large excavation site on the cliffs of the Sinking Sands. Once there, there was no end of tasks for me: shoo away the monkeys flinging their dung at the workers, dash to Qeynos to pick up a cure for a bitten excavation worker, shift sand from the main pit and sift through the results looking for relics. I was kept very busy although somewhat disappointing is that they insisting on paying me in D.I.R.T.Y. money which are quite interesting looking coins but have no real value. Someone said that Jimbo McDaniel would exchange them for interesting items but when I spoke to him, he was fretting about the infections that some of the workers were getting and was unwilling to discuss any sort of trade. I kept them in case one day they turn into collector’s items.

Making Friends with Gnomes all over the WorldThen one evening Digmaster Hidswinn told me that the excavation had concluded and they were building a launch dock and new airship! It turns out they found an ancient flying ship buried under the Sands of Ro and were building a new airship based on their discovery. All very exciting but there was nothing I could do to help. Building airships is best left to the experts!

Seeing the astounding constructions made me appreciate how important it is to be able to work with your hands. I returned to the Deductive Directory in search of work and was pleased to see that they had plenty for a burgeoning carpenter to help out with. As Frostfell was approaching, I was more than happy with indoor work and of course my family were thrilled to have me back safe in Baubbleshire. I have spent a few quiet weeks with them, taking my young cousins skating at Frostfell village and eating enough to put a halfling to shame.

It’s been very nice and I really have enjoyed the time with family but I am more sure than ever that I could never be content living out my life in this small village. This morning I awoke at dawn and felt in my bones that it was time to leave. I need to finish up a contract at the Deductive Directory but once that is done, I’m free to go. I’ve booked a room at Fish’s Alehouse for the weekend – Qeynos Harbor is the best place to go for news of Norrath and I’ve found work there before that’s taken me all over Norrath.

I feel confident that 3810 is going to be a good year for me.

Paxmar is level 25!

Hmm, any ETA on getting the signature files to work with paper dolls again?

OOC: World Events are always exciting and I was thrilled that quite a few of the quests were available to Paxmar, although unfortunately she couldn’t complete the sequence to allow her to exchange her tokens for rewards. Anyone interested in some D.I.R.T.Y. money, cheap?

The big shock for me was the experience change which have made a tremendous difference to her leveling speed. I’m so used to bonus weekends and potions having no effect on Paxmar (as they give bonus to kill experience, not quest experience) that it hadn’t really sunk in that she would benefit from this. She was able to gain a good amount of experience by shifting sand at the Sinking Sands excavation site, even though my playtime was limited.

I really thought I would struggle to keep finding quests that she could complete but on the contrary, she’s finding plenty to do. Now that she’s level 25, it’s time to find religion – this should keep her occupied for a while.

Next: Tunare’s Blessing


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