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Harvesting has come gained new popularity with the Signature quest A Gathering Obsession which starts in the Village of Shin.

This quest can now be started at level 5, so you can update the quest while you are gaining tradeskill experience. Your progression of the quest is limited by your level cap: as you increase in level and thus would be able to gain the skills required to harvest in the next tier, you will be able to take the next stage of the quest. Note that you will receive the quests whether or not you have the individual skills required to harvest the nodes.

Qho AugrenQho Augren, swimming in a pond at -27,10,-108 wants you to collect harvested materials for him to inspect – but not just any harvested item will do. You need to have very specific items from the right tier and in some instances from a specific zone which you must harvest yourself, in the order that he wants them, for a total of eight harvesting runs.

Luckily, I’ve already collected a number of resources on MMORPG-Info to make this a bit less painful.

First: make sure that you are using the best tools to speed up your harvesting ability by looking at our Harvesting Tools Reference. As level 70 is required by the quest, you should be at least have Sandalwood Tools made by woodworkers (reduces harvest time by 2.0 seconds). If your artisan level is 66 or above, you should be using Overclocked Tools made by Tinkers (reduces harvest time by 2.5 seconds and a bonus to skills).

Harvesting by Zone tells you exactly which zones you need to be in (and in some cases, which part of the zone) for every tier of harvests.

If you want the details of the harvests he wants, take a look at our tables of Harvested Materials, which lists all the standard harvests along with what type of node and what tier it is found in. I use this all the time to work out which rares I need for my alts needing upgrades.

Note that you should NOT take the harvesting quests from Duggin on Thundering Steppes docks for any zone in which you are harvesting for Qho Augren. Duggin’s quests will take credit for your materials first and you will not receive the updates for A Gathering Obsession until the Duggin quest has completed.

The reward is a gorgeous cloak with bonuses to harvesting skills which would have made completing this quest a lot easier!

Quest Name Tier Skill required Zones
A Gathering Obsession 1 1 Newbie areas including the west side of Greater Faydark as well as the Gorowyn and Chykari islands of Timorous Deep
A Gathering Obsession, Part II 2 20 Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark (easternmost areas), Mok Rent island of Timorous Deep
A Gathering Obsession, Part III 3 90 Specificed harvests from Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest
A Gathering Obsession, Part IV 4 140 Specified harvests from the Enchanted Lands and Zek, the Orcish Wastes
A Gathering Obsession, Part V 5 190 Specified harvests from the Feerrott and Rivervale
A Gathering Obsession, Part VI 6 240 Sinking Sands, Pillar of Flames, Lesser Faydark
A Gathering Obsession, Part VII 7 290 Loping Plains, Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, Bonemire
A Gathering Obsession, Part VIII 8 340 Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykesha
A Gathering Obsession, Final Errand 8 Requires Mantrap (tier 8 rare root). This does not need to be harvested specifically for the quest.



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