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(Everything you wanted to know about Far Seas tradeskill missions but were afraid to ask)

First you must have completed the Ship Out quest line in the Moors of Ykesha. This serves as an introduction to the Far Seas representatives in Mara (and also means you can not take part in the tradeskill missions unless you own The Shadow Odyssey expansion). See our Mission Quick Start Guide for details on this quest and quick links to quest spoilers.

Once you have completed the quest line, you will find that the representatives of the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division in the Village of Shin (near the docks) have quests for you.

Madria Varas at -85,2,104 offers daily tradeskill missions aimed at a group. There are four missions in three separate locations: Firemyst Gully, the Shipyard Cove, the Clockwork Workshop and the Palace of the Ancient One. You do not need to bring ingredients nor fuel: everything is provided in the instance.

Madria cycles through these and will only offer one at a time. For this reason, you should take the quest when you have a group ready to do the mission, so that Madria can give all of you the same mission.

The quests are shareable, which means that only one group member needs to get the quest if the group wishes to meet up elsewhere. Everyone in the group must have completed the Ship Out prerequisite and have spoken to Madria at least once since doing so. However, the mission globes make for simple travel (see below) and thus it is as simple for every group member to travel to Mara, take the quest and use a globe to travel to the location.

Once you have received your mission quest from Madria, you need to travel to your tradeskill instance with your group. Everyone in the group will enter the same instance and become tied to that instance until it expires. That means that you can log out and return later. If someone in your group is not ready to join, you can get started and bring the other crafters in at a later stage.

Koros Splinterlimb, the Far Seas Company Supply Division Merchant, sells travel stones for 6 gold which you can use to travel directly to your mission location and back. He is located at at -92,-2,103 in the Village of Shin.

Once you are in the instance, you need to find the quest giver who will ask you to craft for their cause. He will give you a quest which requires you to craft three mission items.

There are four stages to the mission, with three of every item needed to progress for the next stage. Thus, your group will need to craft and hand in twelve of every item in order to complete the mission.

The quest giver will count all the items you craft once you have taken the quest. You do not have to hand-in every three items, however you must have the quest and have completed three items in order to hand in all your items.

There is a clickable recipe book near the quest giver. You will need to scribe this book in order to gain the recipes needed for the mission. The recipes will be taken out of your recipe book upon completion of the mission.

The components and fuel are specific to each mission. You collect these from clickable items scattered around the instance. These items are only used for the mission recipes and are NO-ZONE.

One you have the quest, the recipe book and the components, you can start crafting. Be sure that everyone in the group has agreed on who is crafting what item, so that there is no overlap. There is no benefit to creating more than twelve of any one item.

The most efficient route is to take the quest and create the twelve items requiring your primary skill. When you hand in the quest, you will receive credit for all twelve items at once.

Once everyone in the group has created their primary items, you should focus on creating items coming from your profession (Craftsman, Outfitter or Scholar). Each crafting skill is capped but the cap for those skills in your own profession is higher than that of the other professions.

Here is the entire set of mission recipes by class so that you can quickly see which recipes you will have the most success with (theoretically).

Instance: Firemyst Gully: Supply Shortage
Recipe Book: Standard Equipment Specifications Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Dwarven Armor Repair Kit Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Hardened Battle Bread Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Heavy Shield Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Dwarven Platemail Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Sturdy Supply Pack Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Dwarven Battle Axe Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Combat Art Upgrade Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Traditional Kaladim Jewelry Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Healing Spell Upgrade Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Clockwork Workshop
Recipe Book: Building a Better Clockwork

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Wire Gizmo Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Lubricating Grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Gear Lever Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Metal Cladding Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Pully Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
Metal Blade Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Electroconductive Fluid Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Pulley Mechanism Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Control Instruction Scroll Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance: The Shipyard Cove
Recipe Book: Far Seas Shipbuilding Manual

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
cabin furnishing Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
waterproof sealing grease Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
fitted planks Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
armored plates Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
sturdy tarpaulin Tailoring Tailor Outfitter
defensive armament Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
waterproofing potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
intricate pully Artificing Jeweler Scholar
navigation chart Scribing Sage Scholar

Instance:The Palace of the Ancient One
Recipe Book: Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair

Recipe Skill Crafter Profession
Arcane Carvings Sculpting Carpenter Craftsman
Beacon Components Metal Shaping Armorer Outfitter
Construction Scaffolding Fletching Woodworker Craftsman
Construction Tools Metalworking Weaponsmith Outfitter
Enchanted Beacon Stone Artificing Jeweler Scholar
Spell of Transportation Scribing Sage Scholar
Makeshift Cement Artistry Provisioner Craftsman
Protective Void Potion Chemistry Alchemist Scholar
Sturdy Rope Tailoring Tailor Outfitter

You can keep track of the items handed in via a clickable item near the quest giver.

Once the group has created twelve of each item and handed them in via the quest, each crafter in the instance at that time will receive a token and 1,500 faction. The mission sequence will start and you can watch the wonderful results of your crafting. At the end of the sequence, a master chest will appear with additional rewards not available elsewhere, including jewelry with crafting bonuses and recipe books.

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  • Ragnarokda wrote:

    My question is… for the chest at the end of the entire mission. Is the loot obtained by everyone? Like if you get tokens to drop in the chest, does everyone get those tokens or do you have to roll on everything that drops from the chest? Because if not, then there would be more benefit to doing the whole instance by yourself. Granted it would take longer, but you would get all the rewards to yourself. And you can only do it once a day, and doing it alone takes about 3 hours or so.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Ragnarokda: The loot is like normal treasure loot, so no, not everyone gets a copy. Because of this, you certainly WILL get more loot if you do it solo. On the other hand, it will take you three hours instead of 30 minutes. If you have plenty of time, this can be worth it. For me, I get more missions done per week if I can meet up with others and do it quickly.

    If you are thinking about doing it solo, then you may want to look at the tips here:

  • Necrotherian wrote:

    I do not know if it is different on your server, but on Najena server, I have solo’d each of the crafting missions several times and it never drops the book for me. Conversely, a book HAS dropped every time I have done a mission with a group. Also, unless they have changed it since the last time I did a crafting mission, you can speed up the process by getting a lot of components up front, then completing all 4 batches of the 3 per item before your first turn-in.

  • Elmsaw wrote:

    Since the crafters profession matters on ease of this mission, I have 5 different crafters that swap with someone else’s crafter that has the same mission. Only the final crafter gets credit, and the others dont get to finish, but this has drastically reduced the difficulty and time reqd for this series of missions.

  • Taymar wrote:

    We certainly use alts to get it done as fast as possible, logging in the character who needs credit at the end of the run.

  • Karl wrote:

    Everyone in the group will enter the same instance and become tied to that instance until it expires.

  • group travel services wrote:

    unless they have changed it since the last time I did a crafting mission, you can speed up the process by getting a lot of components up front.

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