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Frostfell is coming and the geese are getting patched!

Yes, Frostfell has come to Norrath with new quests and beautiful house items and even a one-of-a-kind collection!

FrostfellYou can access the Frostfell Wonderland Village from any of these locations:

  • Qeynos Harbor
  • West Freeport
  • Haven
  • Kelethin
  • Neriak
  • Gorowyn

Be sure to speak to Santa Glug for your daily gift!

Presents! The second-best thing about Frostfell.

December 11 Patch Notes:

Happy Frostfell, Norrath! Gigglegibbers and Frostfell elves are busy celebrating the season in each player city with tasks and stories for everyone. And those that want an even more concentrated amount of Frostfell festivities are encouraged to enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village through the Magic Closets in Qeynos Harbor, West Freeport, Haven, Kelethin, Neriak and Gorowyn. Here you can gather presents to craft wondrous new Frostfell goodies, add to your collections while ducking snowballs, purchase new and classic Frostfell goods, and even assist Mr. McScroogle, Queen Bunny and the innocent Snarf Frostfoot with some important tasks. Don’t forget to log in each day and claim your extra-special Frostfell present from everyone’s favorite Frostfell Gigglegibber, Santa Glug!

We interrupt this post for a small dose of Bah Humbuggery:

The worst bit of Frostfell is the snowballs. I don’t mind getting battered and I have to admit the knockback effect on ice is quite amusing. But what really upsets me? That I apologize every time someone else hits me with a snowball. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in basic role-playing manners and it really annoys me when someone else is able to force a reaction out of me. Beyond that, it simply makes no sense. You hit me with a snowball, why am I saying sorry?

On the bright side, Frostfell seems to bring out the best in the storytellers and this year is no exception.

Warning: Spoilers follow!

Cirinde has written a great essay on why we need a retaliation quest for the lack of snowglobes:

What do you MEAN he beat you up?

I know Gardy Giftgiver. Gardy is not a stranger. I care that someone beat him and smashed his snowglobes. I care that he cringes at anyone who comes near him. I care that he is obviously miserable that he has nothing to give this year.

And most of all, I care that no one is doing anything about it.

Stargrace has an enchanting description of her Frostfell activities including details of the Freethinkers quest: » Frostfell Festivities – PartI

I had SO MUCH fun last night, and that’s just a glance at ONE of the quests. There are many more (which I’ll go into more detail about later). Like I said, my paladin managed to get from level 45-50, and… and.. AND! Stargrace, neglected since RoK came out – dinged level 79. ONE more to go!

Denmom throws a party and takes pains to reassure us:

Frostfell is NOT Canceled

“Balderdash, I say, youngling! Flimflam! Baloney! Garbage! Bull sh-”

Quickly, Mum popped a tart into Great-Uncle Rupert’s mouth before he could break out some of his more colorful vocabulary from his long-ago days as a sailor. “What he’s trying tae say, lass, is that it is utter nonsense. Jus’ a mean-spirited rumor. They’d ne’er cancel such a celebration – there’d be rioting in th’ streets o’ every major city!”

And in case you missed it in previous years, you really should take 10 minutes out of your playtime to watch Gunck the Frostfell Troll on YouTube, one of my favourite holiday videos:

If you’ve written a Frostfell story, drop me a line in the comments! Meanwhile, Happy Frostfell to all and to all, a good night!


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