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Game Update 50 has added two new red shiny collections for tradeskillers who have completed their epic. These red glowies are only visible to those wearing an Earring of the Solstice and can only be found in very specific areas.

Our Red Shiny Collections for Tradeskillers guide has been updated to include these brand new collections, making for a total of eight collections available to tradeskillers.

The two new collections are both in Greater Faydark.

The Tradeskill: Faydwer Flowers collection is a set of six flowers which can be found around the nursery in Greater Faydark. This is the newbie area for Kelethin in the far north of the zone. Standard collection glowies do exist here but are not that common, so it can be beneficial to use a gnomish divining rod. There appear to be two red shinies up at any given time and they can range from the entrance to the nursery area to the beach. There are low level aggro mobs around the pond and the edges of the zone, so tradeskillers without adventure levels should take care.

The reward is a house item that will light up your home in the most enchanting way.

The Tradeskill: Tunare’s Glade Leaves is fairly self-explanatory for a change. You’ll be collecting six leaves in Tunare’s Glade, a small area on the south side of Greater Faydark – almost a direct vertical line down from the nursery. Finding sparklies here can be frustrating because of the curvature of the leaves and the vines covering the ground. Standard collection glowies are common here, making the Gnomish Divining Rod less useful unless you happen to be looking for the tier 2 grub and forest beetle collections as well. Mobs in this area are non-aggro so there is no danger to tradeskillers roaming the area as long as they remain within the glade.

The reward is a house item which makes artistic use of the leaves which you have collected.


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